Silsila Pyaar Ka 27th May 2016 Written Episode

Raunak goes to randhirs room n puts on the light, n thinks what u did u have payed for it bowl have ur family just get well soon, Raunak says papa are u fine, Randhir holds his leg, Raunak says oh ur legs aching let me give u some massage n does so.randhir puts his hand over Raunaks head, raunak says did u have medicine,Randhir says Kajal didn’t give, Raunak says she is with Sakshi, let me, Randhir says no let Kajal,Raunak says I insist, u listen to Kajal n have to listen to me too, Harish hiding sees here u give him medicine n he will go back to worst.

Raunak makes randhirs medicine n gives him,Randhir has it,Raunak says now u rest I will come with Kajal after some time,Raunak switches off the lights n leaves. Neeti says Vinay I’m so scared why anyone wants to harm me, Vinay says calm down n rest, forget it I’m here with u, have some water, u go to sleep I will go check n Vinay leaves.

Vinay goes in hall n sees no one n says I think he left I will go be with Neeti, Neeti says Vinay did u find anyone, Vinay says I guess he left u go to bed now,Neeti goes to sleep, Vinay sits beside her, Sanjana sees them n gets angry n says jiju, Vinay says Sanjana go now she just slept don’t disturb her we will talk tomorrow.

Kajal on phone says yes Vinu money is ready u dont worry,Kamini hiding listens to all this, Kajal says Raunak sir is mad behind me so he won’t doubt me n Janki aunty won’t even bother abt it so u relax we are all done, Kamini says I have to tell Janki, Kajal says bye Vinu, Kamini says let it be n leaves,Kajal sees Kamini running away n smiles.

Sanjana very tensed, Radhika asks what is it, Sanjana says Vinay arrived n my plan failed, Radhika says ur failure is ruining all efforts, Sanjana says no way Vinay is just mine, Vinay comes from behind n says aunty,Sanjana n Radhika are shocked to see him.

Munmun says mom quick we need to leave, Kamini says we aren’t leaving n tells her abt Kajal n what she heard n says now we will rob money from Kajal, munmun says this isn’t kajals cup of tea, Kamini says we shd worry only abt money n anyways Janki has to repay for her behaviour n 15 lakh is no huge amount.

Sakshi goes off to sleep, Kajal is with her, Raunak joins them n asks Kajal to come to side, both share a light romantic moment,Kajal puts of lights n both go off to sleep.

Vinay says aunty u two look so tensed,Radhika says no I’m good but u look tensed, Vinay tells them Neeti incident,Radhika says oh no let me go check Neeti,Vinay says she is asleep, Sanjana says jiju , here is Prasad give it to Didi, Radhika says yes give it to her, Vinay says sure n leaves.

Kajal Wakes up n sees Raunak asleep n pulls over blanket on him,Raunak holds go her hand n pulls her near him n says I’m still awake,Raunak gets up n says I can wait for u whole life n now since u are with me I will never let u go away, where u were going, Kajal says going to get water, Raunak says here’s mine,Kajal says it’s ur, Raunak says what’s ur n mine, u don’t love me, Kajal says I do love u, now I know what u are upto so, Raunak says I love u n abt to kiss Kajal,Sahai makes some noise n both start smiling.

Kajal says sir what happened plan failed, coward, Raunak says just a speed breaker. Kamini n munmun come out, munmun says are u sure abt money, Kamini says yes I’m quite, Kajal comes out of her room,munmun n Kamini keeping an eye on her.

Kajal walks to buas room, she sees bua sleeping with a pillow tightly hugging it,Kajal looks around the room for money,Kajal thinks of checking the pillow bua sleeping with.

Precap : Kamini says munmun this was kajals plan to trap us, Randhir wakes up, Kamini n munmun are in his room, Randhir steps on a live wire n gets shock n faints, Janki bua together n Raunak Kajal together.

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