Silsila Pyaar Ka 26th May 2016 Written Episode

Kajal sees munmun take away money, Kajal goes to buas room n keeps the Batwa back to where it was n walks away. Radhika n Sanjana stumble, Radhika says I heard u n Neeti talk n I think Neeti is right, n so I think u shd go away now but if u use the baby against them u will win but it won’t be right so forget it, Sanjana says aunty I will do anything to get Vinay,Radhika thinks that is what I want, u will try harm neetis baby n I will use this against u n then my revenge against ur dad n Janki will be successful.

Everyone having food together at Tiwari house,Raunak says ma food is very tasty, I’m very happy, but why aren’t u eating, Janki says I’m not hungry, Raunak says no way ma here have food n serves Janki food, Kajal thinks sir loves his ma but ma when will she stop lying, Raunak gives Janki food, bua says I’m fool n now I will go to my room n Janki food was delicious, bye , Kajal says bua have sweet,bua says no way I’m sugar patient u all enjoy, Raunak book my tickets for tomorrow I shd go home,Raunak says bua plz stay,bua says I need to handle things there too I will keep coming right Janki,Janki says yes Didi,bua leaves.

Sanjana says Radhika aunty I’m going library I will be late, Radhika says we will join u, we will go to temple n thank god for saving Neeti n baby, munshis ays very nice, Ashok says we all will go, Neeti says I will come too,Radhika says Neeti no stay here n rest when u get all well I will take u, Neeti says ok,all leave.

Bua goes to her room n checks money n finds it missing, nay starts looking everywhere but doesn’t find any n says this is sure Jankis game n walks to her room with a stick, Neeti on chair resting with closed eyes, Sanjana walks in burkha with a stick,Neeti wakes up n gets scared, Sanjana abt to hit Neeti, Neeti n Sanjana get into fight, Neeti pushes Sanjana n runs away n dashes Vinay, Vinay says what’s wrong, neeti says Vinay someone tried hitting me, Vinay says calm down sit here,I will go check, Vinay goes to room n sees no one in room n walks out, Sanjana hiding near cupboard.

Sanjana thinks God what is Vinay doing leave before someone sees u, Vinay say Neeti no one is in, did u see the attackers face, Neeti says no I didn’t I’m so sacred, Vinay says calm down I’m here now. Bua walks to dining n says Janki come lets go for a walk,janki says no Didi u go I don’t wish too, Raunak says ma go join her she is leaving too,bua says I’m not leaving I have decided to stay here with u all,ok Janki,janki says ok come lets go on walk,both leave.

Bua takes Janki to her room, janki says what all is this,bua says u of bed my money n if u play these games with me I will go n tell the truth, jankis ays what are u saying,god I wish it’s not Kajal who took it, this means she knows that we are lying, u don’t worry I will give u double amount,bua says wow that’s great,Janki says all matters to me is my son n not money,bua says I don’t care but let me tell u this Kajal is very smart, she will surely make Raunak against u,janki says forget that I need to find out who has money.

Kamini walks to room n sees munmun with money n says what all is this, did u rob, tell me where did u get it from, munmun says I robbed from kajals room,n now we can run away from here, this Janki aunty is of no use now n so it’s better we leave,kamini say u are right, I will go to Janki n tell ur granny is unwell n we need to leave.

Janki n bua in her room, Janki gives huge amount to bua,Kajal seeing all this, janki says now keep these safe,bua says u worry abt Kajal n robbery, jankis ays u need not worry abt it, bua says I will leave early tomorrow u tell everyone I left due to emergency, Janki says ok n bua leaves, Kajal thinks I have to reveal ma n her lies.

Pre cap: Raunak says Kajal after lot of hardship u are in my life n will never let u go, I love u. Kajal n Raunak spend romantic time together.

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