Silsila Pyaar Ka 23rd February 2016 Written Episode

Akshay says call raunak I want to talk to him, call him in here, raunak steps in, janki starts panicking n sas akshay stop talking, u can talk to him anytime, now relax take rest, akshay says I don’t have time I want to raunak right now, akshay says raunak come here raunak, raunak in tears walks to akshay, akshay says janki aunty u were right we shd leave past in past or it spoils our future n present, and raunak 5 yrs back when u told u love kajal, it all started, kamini thinks kamini run away or else u will be trapped n then thinks oh no wait n see the scene how janki gets insulted.
Akshay says I didn’t want to know what kajal thinks abt raunak n I had no time, not for raunak but for myself, bcoz even I loved kajal, raunak didn’t knew abt this, raunak trusted me n asked to gve his love letter to kajal but I cheated n wrote my name over it, I am sorry raunak, I couldn’t see kajal going away from me, raunak says akshay its past forget it, akshay says no raunak today I had to tell everyone, anyways I am dying, and wont lie right janki aunty, kajal says akshay nothing will happen, akshay says kajal loved me without any condition, I am so lucky to have her, if 5 yrs back what happened to raunak I am responsible for it, raunak plz forgive me so that I can die in peace, kajal says enough akshay, akshay says don’t stop me kajal, and I am goona miss u a lot kajal but before leaving I wanted to put things back in its place, kajal says akshay plz, akshay says raunak plz forgive me, raunak sits beside akshay n holds his hand, akshay smiles n says thanku bro, raunak smiles akshay says now I can go away in peace, raunak says I am responsible for this state of urs n now shutup, akshay says stupid if we keep complaining how will things get better, and one more thing, last wish is always fulfilled right n my wish is raunak u will marry kajal when I die, all are shocked n surprised.
Raunak n kajal getup, akshay says janki aunty u always fulfill raunas wish n if u knew raunak loved kajal, u wouldn’t say no to him, right janki aunty, and u believe what happens is gods fate n we cant challenge it right aunty, kajal says akshay I love u, I don’t want to past and all, see u are going no where n if u do this I will never talk to u, akshay says see u always keep scolding in front of everyone, and I know u will handle everything very well after I go but u shd move on n so I want u to be happy forever, this is my last wish, and u all have to promise me u all will fulfill my wish.
Janki gets angry hearing akshay force on raunak n kajals wedding, kamini is surprised over akshay doing this, akshay says raunak I front of me take kajals responsibility, radhika n mushi say shutup akshay all will be fine dint do this, akshay says raunak I am waiting, kajal says akshay u will be fine, nothing will happen, akshay says kajal plz agree to what I say, akshay holds kajals hand n asks raunak to give his, akshay holds raunak n kajals hand together, kajal says no akshay don’t, akshay says raunak kajal is my life n she is ur responsibility now.
Akshay tajes his last breathe n leaves kajal n raunaks hand, kajal leaves raunaks hand, evryone breakdown, kajal say sakshay u cant leave me n go see u have to live for me , look at sakshi wake up akshay, janki walks out, kamini follows her n says ur 5 yr hard work has all gone vain, what will u do now, janki in tears look at kamini in anger, kamini says sorry but what If raunak agrees to fulfill akshays last wish.
Doctor walks to akshay n checks him, kajal says do something save him, doctor says we are sorry he is no more, everyone morn in pain.

Precap: raunak says to janki, ma I need to talk to u, janki says I am very tired we will talk later, raunak says sorry ma this is very urgent n I don’t want to delay.

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