Silsila Pyaar Ka 19th January 2016 Written Episode

Akshay applies sindoor n raunak reaches there, janki panics, raunak shocked to know he couldn’t stop the wedding n is in tears, janki rushes to raunak, raunak thinking abt akshays words on his birthday calling him brother then his marriage with kajal n is very hurt, raunak sees janki n starts crying, janki says sorry son I couldn’t fulfill ur wish I asked akshay not to do so n told him u love kajal too but he didn’t listen I am so sorry son I am a bad mother, raunak says no ma n hugs her, janki says lets go from here we have no our people here from today on wards akshay isn’t ur friend n kajal isn’t ur love, raunak is very angry n hurt, janki asks raunak come lets go home, raunak says no ma I will talk to akshay once, janki says its of no use son, raunak says no ma, but I want my answers for a last time I need to talk to him, janki says ok u wait behind the temple I will bring akshay there n keep in mind do get into argument after all two families are also associated with this marriage.
Everyone smiling after akshay n kajals wedding, kajal looks at akshay n smiles, both take elders blessings, munshi says first go take janki devis blessings, janki says akshay raunak is here, he wishes to talk to u alone, munshi says call him in, janki says these friends let them sort out, come akshay n kajal u stay here akshay will join u soon, akshay leaves with janki.
Janki says akhsay see there raunak, raunak is standing by mountain cliff, janki says let him remove all his anger n dare u speak a word n if u do ur whole family will have to bare the consequences go talk to raunak go, akshay walks to raunak, akshay doesn’t look at raunak, raunak says congratualtions akshay n why aren’t u looking at me , I am ur bro, n see u got ur kajal, u told ma u love kajal past 2 yrs right n also told u knew nothing abt me liking kajal n u didn’t even knew kajal is my life n u didn’t know how ur name came on letter, speak something akshay tell me why did u do this, do u rely love kajal answer me.
Ashok says kajal this is Prasad go give to janki devi n thank her. Raunak said akshay u where my pal, I did every single thing for u, I studied with u, bunked college with u, saved u from ma but u back stabbed me, ma was right u shdnt give so much importance, tell me akshay why did u snatch my kajal from me, janki leaves n kajal comes to her place n sees raunak n akshay arguing, akshay says didn’t aunty, raunak says dare u take her name, tell me akshay why did u do this, why did u ask me to go close to kajal when u liked her, I don’t wosh to see ur face go away, akshay falls off the cliff in water, kajal sees this n rushes to akshay,
5 years later:
Kajal walks as widow to temple, she has her engagement n wedding on her mind while walking, n akshays fall , she walks to the idol n says 5 years , that incident changed my whole life but its not the end m I still have those visuals in my head n today once again this incident will take place n I want u to give me strength n fight against the injustice.

Precap: kajal in burkha passes by raunak, raunak feels something n stops n turns around.

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