Silsila Pyaar Ka 18th May 2016 Written Episode

Janki says Kajal I’m fine now,Kajal says ok,Harish says I was so worried,Raunak says ma I want talk to u,Janki says sure tell me,Randhir calls Kajal n says I’m hungry can I have some food,Kajal says sure n goes gets food for Randhir, she also takes glass of milk,Kajal sees dead ants around the glass thinks Amy be sugar n takes it to Randhir,Raunak says Kajal quick his voice hurts me,Kajal says ok n goes to randhirs room.

Kajal on her way to randhirs room sees mandir diya flickering n goes puts some oil on diya n lights it again but diya flickers again, Kajal lights it again n turns around,Kamini says Janki I’m so scared,Vidhi says quite keep calm,Kajal finds this fishy n prays God thanku for ur signs n walks to the food tray n hears munmun say mom why didn’t u clean kitchen counter,Kajal hears this n realises the whole Janki act was to divert her from kitchen, Kajal smells the milk n walks to Janki n everyone n says ma u added poison in this glass right,everyone gets shocked,Raunak says Kajal.

Neeti walks out of her house,kartik in front of neetis house n calls Sanjana n says I see Neeti walking out happy,Sanjana says yes I’m busy now call u later bye,Kartik says I shd help Neeti n calls her n says Neeti I’m sorry, I was drunk last night,Neeti says not ur fault, it’s my personal issue and I still love Vinay n know he loves me too,n when he calms down he will take me back,Kartik says u want to go back ,Neeti says yes this is my house,this house I’m lucky to have it and one more thing stop contacting me n I don’t want anyone between me n Vinay .

Kartik says this means Sanjana lied to me. Rauank says Kajal enough, u are crossing ur lines,better leave that will be really good,Kajal says one minute,did u sprain ur leg so that u can add poison n the dead ants near glass now I know it’s u behind all this,Raunak Says Kajal stop it there’s nothing in this milk,Kajal says how can u be so sure,I know this is done by ma n ma what’s the thing that u hiding that needs u to kill ur husband,Raunak says what proof u have,Kajal says dead ants,Raunak says seriously ants,Kajal says then tell me how did ants die,cmon ma tell us, why u doing us,how may lives will u play with now,Raunak says Kajal stop this nonsense, I can’t bear anyone talk against ma,get out,Kajal says enough Raunak sir.

Kajal says sir I’m going no where u want proof right, n drinks the whole glass of milk,Raunak says oh wow look ur alive even after having poisonous milk n now stop blaming my ma,she is my ma n mothers are next to God n u blame her for killing someone, Janki n everyone others surprised n shocked at kajals action, Kajal starts coughing n her mouth starts bleeding,Raunak says Kajal, kajal goes unconscious,Raunak says ma call doctor soon,Kajal don’t worry u will be fine,Raunak looks at Janki n says ma n rushes to hospital.

Munmun says Raunak doctor will reach here in 5 wait don’t take her to hospital,Raunak takes Kajal to room n rests her on bed,Raunak say Kajal I’m with u don’t worry,calm down keep hope,Sakshi comes running n seeing Kajal panics n starts crying,Kajal says sir promise u will look after Sakshi n papa,Raunak says kajal u will be fine don’t worry.

Harish says doctor is here n if Kajal is saved,Vidhi says forget Kajal now Raunak knows the truth what now Didi,u will take care right,Janki says nothing n walks away,kamini says Janki wait think twice before taking any step, Vidhi says yes what if thinks get worst,Janki says what is left now even I would like to hear what will Raunak ask me now.

Pre cap : Raunak says ma u wanted to kill ur husband n bcoz of it my wife is in danger why .

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