Silsila Pyaar Ka 14th March 2016 Written Episode

Kajal says Sakshi u will never do this again, u saw all were so tensed, Sakshi says I won’t but u will not fight, Kajal says ok stay here, I will get u milk, kajal bumps into Raunak, he gives her Sakshis medicine n before she says anything Raunak leaves.

Vinay goes to dinner with the girl,Neeti waits for him outside the restaurant, Vinay checks his phone, she says Vinay u look upset any issues, Vinay says I’m fine, she says learn to keep personal n professional life separate, I actually heard u n ur fiancee fight, Vinay says it’s ok, she says Vinay u know I’m going through a divorce but can u make it looking at me, so u shd listen to me.

Kajal goes to Sakshis room with milk n sees Sakshi missing again,Kajal gets scared. Neeti walks in the restaurant looking for Vinay n sees him with the girl n smiles n walks to him, n says sorry I need to talk to u urgent Vinay, the lady says u have a talk I will go washroom n come, Vinay says take a sit, neeti says Vinu I’m really sorry lets give it a new start n forget what happened plz, Vinay says lets promise we will never leave each other come what may, Vinay kisses neetis hand.

Kajal hears Sakshi laughing n sees she’s playing with Raunak n walks to their room, Sakshi says papa story, Raunak says what stories super hero, Sakshi says something else, Raunak says Kajal good u came, what stories Sakshi likes, Sakshi says papa don’t tell me old boring stories, Kajal says first Sakshi will finish her milk n then a new story, Sakshi says ma how abt a lorry n papa will u sleep with us, Kajal says Sakshi papa has work we will go to our room, Sakshi says no papa plz, Raunak says ok, Sakshi goes to bed, Kajal sings for her.

Sakshi goes off to sleep n so does Raunak, Kajal puts off the lights n leaves. Vinay n the lady finish off their dinner, Vinay says thanks for ur advice, she says thank me when we have Bhopalis best desert. Munmun gets very angry seeing no Raunak n says mom enough of this Janki n Raunak now I will hear no single thing of theirs n on Holi I will make sure Janki aunty n Kajal go away from Raunak n Raunak will have just one option n that’s me, that’s my promise mom, Kamini say su are so right, that’s like my girl.

Janki wakes up n says Raunak must be home by now , he knows I don’t start my day without seeing him n starts walking to his room with closed eyes, Kajal walks to Raunak n Sakshis room too n says I have to get Sakshi before Janki aunty comes to sirs room, Kajal goes to room n starts waking up Raunak, Raunak says not now let me sleep, Janki enters the room n walks to raunaks bed n sits by him n holds his hand, Raunak opens his eyes n says good morning ma, Janki opens her eyes n says good morning beta, Raunak sees Kajal hiding with Sakshi near door, Janki turns around but sees no one, Kajal sneaks out slowly, Janki gets very happy n says today my trust grew stronger, no one will ever come between us.

Neeti with Sanket n Sanjana says it’s all good now between me n Vinay, Sanket starts teasing Neeti behaving like a neetis child n says ma u n papa shd stop fighting, Sanjana says didi look now take care of urself. Neeti says ok ok, I got it.

Janki stops Kajal walking with Sakshi n says where are u roaming with her when she’s asleep, Kajal says she was a little cranky so, Janki says today is Holi n Sakshi wouldn’t be fine with it so stay in room with her , I take care of my guests even if they aren’t ones I like.

Raunak walks to Kajal n says we managed this time but we need to careful, Kajal says I’m sorry I didn’t, raunaks ays its ok, Kajal says sir haven’t u forgiven me yet, Raunak says Kajal for me , my ma is the person I love most n when I see u struggling for Sakshi, I remember how my ma struggled for me n when I think of forgiving u, my ma n sacrifices for me stop me from doing so n leaves.

Preach: Sakshi says ma can I go play Holi with everyone, Kajal says Sakshi doctor has asked u to rest so, Sakshi says ma plz look there are so many colours out there

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