Shani 20th January 2017 Written Episode

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Indra Dev says no Asura should be left alive. Attack! Dev and Asuras get into a war. Indra Dev notices Manu and Satrupa alone. It is important to separate them from Yam and Shani so Asuras can kill them. Dev and Asuras continue fighting. Vyaktagandha watches it upset. He orders his other troop to finish Shani first of all. I want to take my revenge from him. Attack! His other troop also joins in. Indra Dev compliments Yam. Keep fighting. Take Manu and Satrupa behind me. We will save them together and finish these Asuras. Yam does as asked. Indra Dev asks Manu and Satrupa to stand behind him. They follow his words. Shani worries for Yam. Hope he wont get in between enemies getting overtly excited. Shukracharya confronts Indra. I went for a while and you started this again. They start fighting. Indra Dev
says this will be finished once and for all today. Shukracharya says I don’t want this war. It is against Mahadev’s orders. It is a mistake made by Asuras. Indra Dev says he will have to bear the brunt of that mistake. Shukracharya asks him to give a chance to speak to Shani. Let me stop this war. Indra Dev refuses to give him a chance as this way he will lose his chance. He aims his energies at Shukracharya which bind him. I wont let you reach Shani at any cost. Surya Dev and Shani are busy fighting. Yam thinks to be with Manu and Satrupa. He rushes after them. Shani observes this and follows them as well.

Surya Dev does not see Yam there. Where is he? Is he safe? I will have to find him asap.

Yam assures Manu and Satrupa they are safe. Right then, more Asuras surround Yam. Shani joins his brother and they both fight the Asuras together. Yam is irked with Shani. Why do you always follow me? It is my fight. Let me fight it. Vyaktagandha watches them from far. He gets a magical weapon that Shukracharya had given him once. It is time to use it. If there is some hindrance in your path then better finish that hindrance first. Yam has to be killed so I can reach Manu and Satrupa. Shani notices Asuras catching Manu and Satrupa. On the other hand, Vyaktagandha throws that that weapon towards Yam. Shani watches it and is in a fix as to who to save first. I promised to save Yam but it is also my duty to protect Manu and Satrupa too. He shouts at Yam to save himself. Yam does not pay heed. Shani holds the swords of those Asuras who were about to attack Manu and Satrupa. Shani shouts Yam’s name. He gets hurt by that weapon as soon as he turns. Sword falls from his hands. Yam shouts Shani’s name who pushes away all Asuras angrily. Shani rushes to his brother and holds him.

Yam loses consciousness. Tridev have tears in their eyes. Shani shakes his brother but he gets no response. Open your eyes. Mother is waiting for you. It’s me. Nothing will happen to you. Open your eyes. His eyes widen in shock. It cannot be! I came to protect you. I cannot break mother’s hope. Yam does not react or move at all. Shani continues to try waking his brother but fails. Vyaktagandha looks on. Shani puts his brothers back down. Asuras begin to walk towards him when Shani looks in their direction. They stop in their tracks. Shani looks at Vyaktagandha angrily. Asuras surround Shani. He lifts his hand in air and his weapon automatically comes to him. Indra watches it and is pleased.

Shani says Asuras will be finished today. He thumps his weapon on the ground because of which earth shakes. Asuras fall down. Vyaktagandha gets tensed. Shani hits him. You must think of the consequence before breaking a limit. You will be punished for your misdeeds today Vyaktagandha! He kills Vyaktagandha. Asuras panic. Shani adds that every Asura present here deserves the same punishment. Indra Dev laughs at Shukracharya who requests him to let him go. I can stop Shani. Indra Dev thinks this is what he doesn’t want. If Shani stops today then my dream of killing Asuras will be broken too. Shukracharya thinks if Shani isn’t stopped then Asuras wont survive. He requests Asuras to stop. They aren’t to be blamed in any of this. Shani turns. Asuras attacked Mahadev’s creation. They killed Mahadev yet you say they are not at fault. You are at fault then! Indra Dev frees Shukracharya. He walks up to him. Shukracharya says I wasn’t there when this attack was planned. I was meditating. Vyaktagandha was misguided. It was his mistake that he let it happen. You have punished the culprit already. He drops his weapon and kneels down before Shani. Guru is responsible for the mistake that his disciples make. If you feel I am responsible then I am ready to get my punishment. Shani lifts his weapon high in air angrily but then calms down. His weapon disappears leaving Indra Dev puzzled.

Shani walks back to his brother. He looks at Yam in shock as tears roll down his cheeks. I couldn’t fulfil my promise mother. I disappointed you. I failed. He screams in anguish.

Chhaya feels restless. Devi Sanghya is pacing. Chhaya asks her if she heard SHani’s voice. Sanghya denies. I am only praying that Shani shouldn’t do anything wrong this time. Chhaya asks her if she still does not trust Shani. Sanghya denies. I only wish he does not do anything wrong which can harm Yam. Chhaya says I can sense that he is returning with Yam. Sanghya says I don’t feel anything like that. Stop bothering me by taking Shani’s name again and again. Chhaya leaves. Sanghya turns and notices Shani entering just then holding Yam in his arms.

Precap: Shani accepts before Surya Dev that he is responsible for Yam’s death. I will accept whatever punishment you will give me. Surya Dev says you will only be given death punishment.

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