Shakti 9th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya coming to Harman’s room while he is sleeping. She looks at him and gets emotional and cries seeing his condition. She sits near him and tries to touch him and stops herself. She then keeps hand on her head and says I am taking back fake promise from you and says nothing is important to me than your life, not any promise, ritual and not my own happiness and life. She says your happiness is my everything and cries. She cries and says Guru Maa used to tell that a kinnar have no motive in life and a kinnar should curse God for creating them. She says I have no complaints with God as he made me meet you.

Varun sees Surbhi’s 3 missed calls and calls her. He calls her. Surbhi asks him about Harman. Varun says I thought you will come running here to see your jiju. He
says he is fine and is in his room sleeping. He says if Saali is with him, then his wounds will heal sooner. Surbhi cuts the call and calls Soumya. She wonders where did she go, and not picking the call. Harak Singh tells Preeto that they shall talk to Doctor once and ask if there is any matter of worry. Preeto asks him not to take tension and looks for her phone. Harak Singh asks her to call on her phone with his phone.

Soumya sees Harak Singh’s call on Preeto’s phone and gets tensed. Preeto tells Harak Singh that her phone is ringing. She comes near Harman’s phone hearing her phone ringtone. Soumya gets tensed as her saree pallu get stuck in Harman’s watch. She is about to enter in his room, but just then Viren calls her and asks her to check hospital bill expenses. Preeto says she will check in the morning. Viren says he have to leave early for factory work and asks her to check once. Preeto says okay and goes. Soumya frees her pallu and asks Harman to be fine soon. She comes out of his room and goes.

In the morning, Preeto asks Harman to have something. Raavi says how his pain will lessened, Soumya didn’t come to talk to him. Preeto asks her not to interfere between them. Raavi says she must be busy, why she is busy though. She says Harman wants to meet her, but she don’t care about him. Preeto says Harman is doing this for his one sided relation. Harman recalls Soumya telling that she don’t want to stay with him. Harman says I will not go to meet her. Varun comes and says it is wrong. He says it is not right to take care of anyone, if he/she doesn’t care of you. He says I will take you to her room. Harman says I don’t want to go and needs rest. Preeto says I will stay here. Harman says I need to be alone.

Soumya talks to Surbhi on phone and tells that she is very worried about Harman. She says he is very much wounded and says yesterday I saw him somehow, but today how to see him, nobody is telling me anything about him. Surbhi asks her not to take tension and says they are coming there to see Harman. Surbhi asks Nani to come with her. Maninder says I will also come in 5 mins. Surbhi asks if this is your new act. Maninder says I am not acting and says if I don’t come with you then this society will ask you many questions. Nani tells Surbhi that Maninder said right. Bebe says this is what she is teaching Surbhi. You people don’t trust my Maninder. Nani says Surbhi saw Maninder like this only since childhood.

Harman thinks about Soumya’s words and promise. He says you haven’t come. I have lost, my wait has lost with your stubbornness. He says it have become more big than my pain. He says I will show my stubbornness now, and will not come to you. He says what to do with this heart, it don’t want to separate myself from you. He then tries to make himself understand that he will show her his ego and will make her miss him. He thinks to remove all her memories, will start with sweater, her memories and her feelings and then her. He then looks at the saree pallu piece or thread on his hand. He thinks what I had thought. He says you came to meet me secretly and thinks he will go to express his pain of heart. He feels apologetic and thinks to meet him once he gets fine.

Harak Singh talks to Doctor and asks him to increase his dose and make him fine soon. Doctor says yes..Soumya hears them and recalls Nani making ajwain and tulsi kada. He thinks to make it for Harman ji. She comes to the kitchen secretly to make kada. She gets the ingredients and is about to light the gas. Just then Preeto comes and holds Soumya’s hand stopping her. Soumya is shocked.

Preeto asks Soumya if she wants to make Harman unmanly and then want him to join kinnar community like you. She humiliates her infront of everyone, and slaps her hard. Soumya is shocked and scared.

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