Shakti 8th December 2016 Written Episode

At home, Harak Singh asks Preeto about Harman. Preeto was furious and replies she is always worried about Harman, it would have been better that Harman had got to lock up, atleast he should have fed once daily. Harak Singh gets a call, and was worried telling Preeto Harman had an accident. Everyone come there, Varun tells Jagu that Harman had an accident, Suomya just came in and hears Harak Singh and Preeto hurried to hospital. Varun tells Suomya about Harman’s accident. She requests them all to take her to hospital. Preeto ignores her pleas and leave. Raavi asks Suomya not to bother them anymore, they have no time for her drama. Suomya was left crying. Shano comes out from behind, she taunts that she isn’t even a wife who can save her husband; but for that being a woman is really important and she
is a kinner. Suomya was helpless.
Suomya comes to the temple in her room, she says atleast her love is true then why can’t her love protect Harman. She prays about Harman’s safety and lights a flame under the idol. She then calls a number but it was switched off, she tries Ravi’s number but it goes unanswered. She finally calls Preeto with a hope that she picks it up. She goes to Shano’s room, who scolds her to get out of her room. Suomya asks her to call someone for Harman’s wellbeing. Shano says if he is live, he would return; and shouts at her to leave. Suomya comes to her room again, praying and calls Surbhi. Surbhi was concerned. Suomya tells her about Harman’s accident, and no one has taken her along. She asks Surbhi to call someone and inquire about his health. Surbhi asks about the hospital. Suomya cries that no one has taken her along, she doesn’t know about the hospital as well. Surbhi tells Nani about Harman’s accident, everyone has left Suomya home. Mannu and Bee ji hear about it. Surbhi tries Varun, then Ravi’s number. Nani asks to try Preeto’s call. Surbhi herself leave to look for hospital. Mannu stops her saying she doesn’t know about anything, about hospital and places. Nani seconds Mannu, and asks her to be patient.
At night, Shano thinks she shouldn’t have been selfish to think Harman lost his life. She was then curt about Preeto’s taunts that she doesn’t have a son. She then feels bad for Harman, he should get injured only but not die. Suomya comes to her room again. Shano again scolds her, that she is restless in a way that she would be widow if Harman dies. A kinner is never a widow. She understands if something happens to Harman, no one would push her out. They hear car horn, Suomya cheers that they have returned. She looks towards Harman being helped by Varun and Jagu inside. Preeto stuffs her face, and asks how many families she would ruin. She killed her mother, her father is hiding his face from the society, her sister couldn’t get married and now Harman was about to leave his life because of her; why can’t she stay away from Harman. Suomya requests to see Harman closely for once, Preeto tells her to stay away as she would spare her if something happens to Harman.
Suomya prays for Harman’s protection and was concerned.
Everyone was gathered around Harman, doctor asks Harak Singh to give him medicines in time. Preeto comes inside, Harman searches for Suomya. Preeto was teary, and thinks she is going to make fun of his search and will make him realize she doesn’t want to come.
There, Suomya cries that she wants to go to Harman but no one is letting her do so. She was determined to meet anyway. Preeto asks the doctor to give him some pain killers, as he is in severe pain. The doctor agrees. He says they should have kept Harman in hospital for two or three days, but they had insisted to take care of him at home; he asks them to call him anytime and takes a leave.
Preeto tells them all to leave, she will come downstairs when he has fallen asleep. She leaves his room after a while.
Shano tells Jago that Harman’s car was badly destroyed, she wonders how Harman only got minor injuries. She looks towards Jagu’s stare, then says its because of Preeto’s prayers and tells him to calculate well.
Suomya comes to Harman’s room at night, he was asleep.

PRECAP: Preeto brings Suomya to the hall, asking if she wants to turn her son like hers. She slaps Suomya hard.

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