Shakti 2nd January 2017 Written Episode

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Surbhi asks Suomya why she had to leave the house. Suomya didn’t want to discuss. Surbhi stops her holding her hand, and swears her to tell why she had to leave that. Suomya tells Surbhi that she wants her as a wife of Harman, this is what Preeto wants. She wonders how she could have stayed there, and tells her about the whole demands, and then Preeto’s stance to leave the house otherwise. She tells Surbhi they were giving her a roof, but in return they wanted to ruin Surbhi and Abhishek’s life; she couldn’t have let this happen. She wants peace. Her sister is her love, her life and not her source to reach her happiness.
There, Harman comes to the room and recalls reading Suomya’s letter. He throws a glass over the floor out of frustration.
At night, Shano wonders why Suomya left the
house. Preeto and Harak Singh come to inquire about Harman. Harman accepts hurting Preeto and apologizes her, saying Preeto and Suomya both are rightful of his apology. He curses Suomya a lot, he only wonder if she left this within a single moment. He couldn’t understand she did this all for him only, so he would go to bring her back tomorrow. Preeto tries to hide back her astonishment, then allows him to bring her back home. Outside, Harak Singh was worried about Suomya’s return. Preeto was sure that she won’t return after all those conditions.
The next morning, Harman comes for breakfast. Shano asks where he is going early morning. Preeto interferes if people should take her permission before leaving. Harak Singh tells them he is going to bring Suomya back. Varun wonders after all that happened? Harak Singh says their family is a stubborn one, they should let him do what he has decided to. Malika says she doesn’t feel she would return. Harman places his bite back, pushing the plates away and leave the table. Preeto says they all know he can’t live without Suomya, then scolds everyone to keep shut. Shano understands Preeto is sure Suomya won’t return, if she is behind this all. She shouts in excitement that she got her replies, then makes up to everyone it’s a riddle.
Harman opens the door and was shocked to see Suomya standing outside. Everyone was shocked to see her there. Surbhi joins her there. Harman invites them inside. She asks Harman to forgive her sister. Harman qualifies the reason behind her mistakes are always innocent, he was just coming over to take her. Harak Singh murmurs into Preeto’s ears if this is her setting. Preeto wonders what the matter is. She says to Suomya its good she came over, Harman didn’t sleep well last night.
Sindu comes to take Suomya inside, Shano scolds her for this and calls her back. Suomya goes to her room silently. Surbhi inquires about Harman’s foot, he replies since his Qara maker is here it will get fine. Preeto goes to ask Suomya about the matter, and takes Harman for breakfast. She invites Surbhi as well, as Harman is hungry since morning. On the breakfast table, Preeto offers Surbhi a seat with Harman and goes inside.
In the room, Preeto asks Suomya about her condition. Suomya was silent.

PRECAP: Surbhi comes to Preeto and shows her agreement to Preeto’s condition of marrying Harman. Harman sets a romantic night

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