Shakti 2nd December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Preeto asking Raavi to call Soumya and says she will eat food. Harak Singh tells Harman that money is needed for love and hunger, and asks him to say if he shall sell the factory or not. He says you said in garden not to sell factory and asks if he got over his love feelings. Soumya comes there. Preeto asks her to sit and have food. Soumya hesitantly takes food in her plate and is about to go, but Harman stops her and asks where you are going? He asks her to have food with everyone, and asks her to sit.

Preeto asks Soumya to sit, and says my son asked you to sit, so we can’t say anything. She says you can come and have food with us. Soumya says no, and says you let me stay in the house, that is enough. I can have food anywhere, and says I shall be in my limits. Harman
says just send the limits to hell and asks her to sit quietly. He says you know well that I can make you sit forcibly. He asks her to sit. Soumya says Harman ji….your world..Harman asks her to stop it and says we are not different, but one. Stop talking about your world or mine. He says I brought you here, and fought with them, your mum died while giving you normal life. He says you have separated our rooms and now….he holds her hand and asks her to sit. He sits on chair and asks her to sit. Soumya hesitantly sits on chair. Everyone looks on. Harman asks her to eat. Soumya drinks water. Harak Singh hits on the dining table. Soumya gets shocked and starts coughing. She runs to room.

Harman also gets up and asks everyone to eat food in their rooms, and says I can’t see love in everyone’s love. Harak Singh says okay, we will not have food here, and will eat in our respective rooms, and asks him not to make Soumya sit on his head. Raavi says Soumya will never be with him and says one sided love can never go long, and says she has never done anything for you and ran away from here. Harman says you are saying it. Preeto says we have nothing to do with Soumya, but only with Harman’s happiness. She says if Harman wants her to stay here, then she will. She asks Harman to go and says she will send food for Soumya and him. Harman goes.

Harman comes to his room and is restless seeing his room. He thinks he can’t accept defeat. Soumya is in her room and is sad. She says Harman ji….distance between us is needed, until we maintain distance, you can’t have our own world which will be different and big, which will be filled with happiness and light, and I will be here and pray for your happiness and will light my world. Raavi sees Harman coming downstairs and asks Preeto to have food else her condition will deteriorates. Preeto refuses to have food.

Harman knocks on Soumya’s door. Soumya opens the door and says she was having food, she will ask recipe from Preeto. Harman says garlic was much. Soumya says yes, but it was good. He picks the plate and shows the food. He says you are a good actor and shall get award. He asks her to have food. Soumya says she will have food later. Harman says okay, I will wait here till you have food. Soumya eats food.

Maninder asks Surbhi not to go and meet Soumya, and says Preeto and Harak Singh must be very angry. Surbhi says she is not afraid of Harak Singh or his wife, and asks him if he wants to give some message to her, and asks him not to give some snake or poison. A fb is shown, Maninder giving snake in the box to Soumya. Fb ends. Soumya asks Nani to come and goes to meet Soumya.

Shanno is looking in the mirror and talking to herself. Viren asks if she is alright. Shanno says this is the right time to take a decision and use mind, then only our life will be set. Preeto is walking and thinking. Harak Singh asks do you have any idea? Preeto says no, we don’t need to do anything. Harak Singh asks what is this answer? He says we have kept them at distance with so much difficulty. Preeto says there is a difference between running a house and factory, and says like I said, we don’t need to do anything. She says Soumya will free Harman and then we will free her. Harak Singh says okay, I understood. Surbhi and Beeji comes there. Surbhi calls Soumya. Harak Singh and Preeto comes out. Harak Singh greets them. Surbhi calls Soumya. Preeto thinks now her sister will know her value in our house.

Surbhi looks for Soumya in Harman’s room and gets tensed when she couldn’t see her. Soumya comes there from servant’s quarters. Surbhi asks her to come with her. Soumya says she can’t come with her and says although she is a kinnar, but she is married to Harman and can’t leave him. Harman comes there, and calls her Gulabo. He gifts her chocolates, shawl etc., but Soumya refuses to take it. Harman looks on. .

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