Shakti 20th December 2016 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Soumya thinking how to convince Harman as Preeto wants his approval. Shanno comes and asks you want to convince whom and for what? Soumya thinks what to say and says I mean to say. Shanno asks her to tell and says may be I can help you. Preeto comes and says oh. She says you can’t handle your work, and interfering in my work. Soumya can leave this house or not, but may be you have to leave. She asks her to go. Shanno goes. Preeto tells Soumya that they have cooked their food and asks her to make food for Harman. Soumya nods. Doctor checks Harman and says your wounds have healed completely. Harman says it is because of kaada. Doctor asks what? Varun says you will not understand. Doctor says you are almost fine now and leaves. Harman stands up from bed and practices to walk. Soumya
brings soup for him and gets happy seeing him getting fine. She says your wound is healing and asks him to drink soup. Harman refuses to drink it. Soumya sits on chair infront of him and asks him to just taste and tell how is it? Harman seems to be upset with her. Soumya tries to feed him soup with a spoon. Harman brushes off her hand. Tera Hai Ishq Ka Meri Ibadat plays………

He stands up and goes to stand in the window. Soumya asks what is this? You will do whatever you wants. Harman says yes, and says I am drinking your kada since many days. Soumya says but you are not agreeing to my sayings. She says I can’t keep silent for long and asks him to check the toy room once and says your family needs their heir and there is nothing wrong to wish it. Harman says children…He says he will adopt one baby each from all states, and says then this problem will be solved. Soumya says how to make you understand and says when your child will be born, I will feel motherly love for him and will see your childhood in him. She cries and says I can’t become a mum. Harman asks what you are asking, do you realize? He says that woman whoever marries me, will kick you out after coming here and will never bear you. He says who will marry me? Soumya looks on. Harman tells her that he is hungry. Soumya says she will go and boil it. Harman says I am hungry and will take it now itself. He drinks soups. Soumya smiles.

Surbhi thinks tomorrow is her birthday, but her mum will not be there for her. She thinks she would wake up smelling her kheer’s delicious smell. She says I am going to bring Soumya here to celebrate my birthday and I know you will be with us here. Soumya thinks about Preeto and Harman’s words and thinks to talk to Surbhi. She gets Surbhi’s call and says she was about to call her. Surbhi says our love is strong. Soumya thinks how to tell her. Surbhi asks her to sleep now and tells that she will come to take her. Soumya says tomorrow is your birthday, and says I have nothing to give you. Surbhi says you have precious gift for me. Soumya asks what? Surbhi says your smile and says I will come to take you, we will spend all day tomorrow. Nani makes kheer for Surbhi. Surbhi says it is same as Mummy used to make. Surbhi tells Nani that Abhishek is giving party for them and they will celebrate here. Maninder blesses and wishes Surbhi happy birthday. Bebe also wishes her. Surbhi thanks them and says she will bring Soumya home. Maninder says if Soumya comes then he will not attend. Surbhi says this party is given by Abhishek at our home, if you attend it, I will be happy.

Soumya makes Harman walk and says it is just 3 rounds. Harman says he is feeling pain and can’t walk more. Soumya says Doctor asked you to walk. Harman sits. Soumya thinks to make him walk somehow and goes. Police comes to Harak Singh’s home. Harak Singh asks what is the matter? Inspector says matter is serious and tells that Harman’s car brakes was failed and two people were involved. Harak Singh asks who failed his car’s brakes. Inspector says they have caught the persons who failed his car brakes and taken a name of the person who is behind. Varun looks on shocked.

Surbhi tells Soumya that she has chosen her life partner and that is Abhishek. Soumya is shocked. Later Soumya tells Preeto that Surbhi has chosen Abhishek for marriage. Preeto says she will talk to Surbhi. Soumya says no. Preeto accuses Soumya and asks her to go far from their lives.

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