SaubhagyaLakshmi 18th February 2016 Written Episode

Samarth wants to throw Kavya out of the haveli again
Kavya refuses. Shrainik shows comforting gesture towards Kavya.
Kavya goes to her room to sleep and is attacked by a hooded figure who slashes her arm but is also hurt on his/her shoulder.
Kavya goes ninja on the intruder and tries to hold him/her back.
Kavya’s screams alert Shrainik who checks her room. All the other badsuraths eerrr I mean household members turn up. Ghada Samarth accuses Kavya of being a nautanki and trying to drive them crazy with her lies. All leave except Shrainik who plays doctor doctor with kavya and tells her to lock her room before going to bed.
Kavya wonders who is trying to kill her and remembers Sambhav threatening her. Next morning she scuttles into Sambhav’s room while he is having a shower and searches it. As she is about to leave his mobile recieves a message. Kavya sees pictures of Muskaan and Sambhav on the phone and is shocked. Bhootni Bhairavi catches her in Sambhav’s room, all other jobless people turn up and Kavya is accused of stealing his phone. He tells sober Samarth to call the police and Kavya agrees, asking him what his relationship is with Muskaan. Samarth gets all huffy and tells her to shut it but Kavya shows him the pictures.

Precap :Sambhav denies and alleges that the pictures were photoshopped. Kavya tells Samarth to check Sambhav’s shoulder. The injury is on his shoulder and Samarth slaps him. Bhairavi tells Sambhav to beg his uncles forgiveness. Samarth calls the police

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