Satrangi Sasural 26th March 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Veena telling satrangi family that Vihaan was her son. Narmada says he was her son. Veena asks her to ask Daadi. Daadi stands silently. Veena says she killed her son because of them. Narmada asks where is her son then. Veena picks trishul and tries to stab them. Daadi says god will punish her. Trishul touches electric socket and she gets electrocuted. She then falls down. Narmada asks her where is her son. Veena shows birthmark on Narmada’s hand and dies. Narmada pleads Daadi to tell ifshe knows where her son is. Daadi says no. Kaira says they are forgetting Vihaan. Daadi says they all bought up Vihaan like their own child, so she did not inform them that he was not our son. Narmada cries she does not know where her son is. BBC enters with teary eyes and says he knows where her son is and after a bit of drama says he is her son. They both hug emotionally followed by whole family.
He then tells Kaira that it is destiny and now he is Vatsal family’s son and not goon, so if she is ready to marry him. She angrily walks in.

BBC gets ready to propose and convince Kaira to marry him. Bulletin shows him general knowledge book and says he rented it from raddiwala for 2 rs per day and questions him. Whole family then taunt BBC and question him. They ask what will he do for living, if he can keep Kaira happy, Kaira is their daughter and if he troubles her, they will kick him out. Kaira comes after some emotional dialogues agrees to marry im and hugs him. Each family member hug each other. They all then stand for a family pic Bulletin clicks pic asking to say makhan as he does not like cheese.

The serial ends with Satrangi family reuniting and Kaira/BBC’s marriage.

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