Satrangi Sasural 22nd March 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Arhaan and BBC playing hide and seek and breaking items. Kaira comes hearing sound and asks what are they doing. Arhaan says hide and seek and insists her to join them. She also joins. Arhaan and Kaira hide. BBC enter room and finds Kaira behind curtain. Someone locks room from outside.

Veena enters with Tau and says she needs her husband back. Chachi maa sees them and calls everyone. Bua and Arhaan come out and they all 3 throw rotten vegetables and dirt on them. Veena asks what is this stinky smell. Arhaan says he threw dirt on her. They continue throwing and Veena and Tau run from there.

BBC and Kaira knock door. Kaira yells at him that they are locked because of him. BBC calls Bulletin. Ladies hear their sound and open door. They are shocked to see them together. Kaira says they were playing hide and seek with Arhaan and someone locked door from outside. Bua says she locked door. Neighbor comes and invites family for holika dahan.

Whole family enjoy holika dahan with neighbors. Kaira and BBC’s nain matakka starts. Neighbors watch that and badmouth about Kaira. Kaira confronts them that BBC saved her children Arhaan and Aaru and she is thankful to him, he is staying at her house to protect her family and if anyone has problem, they should stay away from her family. Kaira walks towards home, but BBC holds her hand. She says everyone are badmouth about her because him and he should not come to her home again. Bua and Chachi also ask BBC to not enter their home.

Veena calls her goons and orders to throw kerosene around Kaira’s house and burn whole family when they are at home. Goons throw kerosene around house and are about to set fire when BBC sees kerosene bottle on floor and kerosene all around place and holds their hand. Their fight starts.

Sarojini and Nirjhara promote their serial’s new timing at 6 p.m. from 28th March.

Precap: No precap today.

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