Satrangi Sasural 21st March 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with BBC beating Veena’s goons and rescuing Arhaan and Aaru. Kaira stops Pandit from tonsuring Veena’s head and says they cannot stoop low like Veena, and hopes children return back safe. BBC brings children. Family gets happy seeing them. Veena silently escapes. Kaira hugs children. Narmada maa sees BBC’s head injury and nurses it. Chachi maa asks why is she taking care of goon. Narmada maa says she sees Vihu in BBC.

Veena goes to Tau’s office and scolds goons. She calls Tau who holds her feet pleading to forgive him. She orders to get Satrangi parivar out of chawl immediately. Bulletin hears their conversation and informs BBC. BBC says he will see who will evacuate Kaira’s family.

BBC sleeps outside Kaira home. Bua sees him and calls everyone. Cachi maa comes out and asks why is he sleeping outside and shouts to go. Tai says they cannot keep goon near home. Maa says he is not goon as he saved our children. Tau’s goons throw chit which reads to vacate chawl immediately. BBC sits outside home. Bua says they cannot let goon here. Maa says he is a good boy. Bua asks if she knows his name. She says BBC. Bulletin enters and says guru’s name is Bharath Bhushan Chautala. Bua says BBC is better. Bulletin starts praising BBC in Sholay movie’s style where Amitabh says Dharmendra drinks, gambles, etc.. BBC stops him and says he is telling film’s dialogues. They let him sleep in home.

Veena orders Tau to get Sandeep out of Satrangi sasural as he knows some of her secrets and she has made him paralytic till now with medicines.

In the morning, BBC wakes up early and performs pooja loudly. Ladies wake up and ask why is he shouting. He says he is doing pooja. He gives aarti to everyone and then Kaira. Kaira says she will give medicine to Sandeep and goes to his room. She feeds Sandeep medicine. BBC brings soup and asks if he does not speak. Kaira asks if he cannot see Sandeep’s condition. BBC forcefully takes Sandeep on wheelchair and runs in lawn. He asks Sandeep if he likes him, if he wants to go out daily, etc. Sandeep blinks eyes. BBC gets happy and gets Sandeep in, calls all ladies and says Sandeep is expressing via eyes and asks if he likes him. Sandeep does not blink. Daadi says she saw Sandeep’s medical reports and he cannot speak walk or speak.

Soumendra and Sarojini promote their serial’s new timing from 28th March at 6 p.m.

Precap: No precap today.

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