Satrangi Sasural 17th March 2016 Written Episode

The episodce starts with BBC throwing something and it falling on Kaira. He panics seeing her and says he did not mean to throw at her. She says she would have taught him a lesson, but is in a hurry and will see him some other time. She follows Daadi maa.

Tai maa and Chachi maa inform Veena that Daadi maa has gone out. Veena fumes. Dadi maa goes to PCO, calls someone, says she saw his/her number in Veena Vatsal’s mobile, and asks if Arhaan and Aaru are with him/her and are they safe. Call disconnects. She turns and is shocked to see Kaira. Kaira asks if Veena has kidnapped Arhaan and Aaru. Daadi asks her not to tell anyone, she does know who Veena is, she is responsible for Sandeep’s condition. Kaira says she will not tell anyone, but will not spare Veena.

BBC hears his boss Tau’s puppet goons discussing with Tau over phone that BBC does not know why they are here. BBC asks Bulletin what did he tell Tau. Bulletin tells that he is mad behind Kaira. BBC scolds him.

Dadi maa reaches home and Veena complains against other ladies. Daadi says they will be punished for this and says she will do her shraad/last rights. They are all shocked and says it is done after death. Daadi insists. Kaira says elder bahu Veena maa should perform shraad. Veena resists, but Daadi maa gets adamant and leaves.

Narmada maa keeps food for BBC again and tries to leave. BBC opens door and realizes she is her well wisher. He thinks of informing her that Kaira’s life is at risk and follows her. She asks why is he following her. He says she prepares food like a mom and if his mom was alive, she would have been like her. Maa gets emotional. He says thanku. She says thank you. He says he is orphan, so is illiterate and says dhanyawaad. He then says he wants to speak about Kaira. She asks what. Just then, Tai maa comes with Kaira and runs behind BBC and he runs from there. He alleges maa that she is flirting with boy. Maa says he is of her son’s age. Tai maa yells and leaves. Kaira says maa she knows she keeps food for BBC and should realize he is enemy. Maa says he is not enemy.

Veena performs shraad, opens cloth from photo and is shocked to see her photo instead of Daadi’s. She fumes. Daadi says she doe snot know anything about it. Veena says they will all repent.

BBC with Bullent sees Tau’s goons sprinkling chloroform on kerchief and entering Kaira’s home. He and bulletin follow them.

Precap: Veena says Dadi maa that she knows Kaira is behind all the plans and she will be punished. Daadi maa asks what she wants to do. Veena tells her plan.

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