Satrangi Sasural 12th February 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Kyra is given a grand welcome when she arrives back with vihaan, and granny, who suppress their worries, seeing their mother’s ecstatic faces. they rush and pamper kyra, and make her sit down, giving her the queenly treatment. granny finds dolly and pinky suliking, and then ask them to join in too. geeta comments that they must be hungry too. Dolly is tensed, and comes and expresses that she has made some calculations, according to which….and is about to say it, when there is a toli in the neighbourhood, who play the drums on high volume. they all start making merry and enjoy. vasundhara oversees them all through the window, and thinks that its a matter of her happiness too, and wishes that she too could dance and hopes that she shall very soon be able to join them, and then walks off, but not before kyra sees her, and rushes to the window but finds her gone by then. She wonders where she went and tells it to granny, when she comes and asks whats the matter. granny asks who is this, the lady who she is seeing everywhere. They get back to dancing. Dolly tries to say something, but they are unable to understand anything due to the drum beats, and ignore her. She is disturbed. All are overjoyed to have kyra back in the house, as they shower her with all the love, and feed her the food items that she wishes to have. Pinky tries to get dolly to eat, while she is too disturbed about something. dolly and pinky come aside, and discuss as to why are they so happy, as they have forgotten that kyra is a month pregnant, and a month back, kyra was living with the Jinn Vihaan and not the real vihaan, and what if the child is the Jinn’s and not this Vihaan. Granny, in the proximity overhears this, and is shell shocked. she is set to thinking on the same thing. kyra finds her tensed but the mothers dont let her go. Granny meanwhile finds logic in dolly’s arguements, and decides to consult devi maa regarding this. she complies and walks with granny to another room. granny closes all the windows while devi maa is boggled. Granny says that she is fine, and then asks if she remembers exactly when vihaan was kidnapped and when the jinn came to live here. devi maa asks whats the matter and why is she asking this, as she needs to elaborate so that she can help her out. granny thinks that if anyone hears her, then they would get unnecessarily tensed too, and decides that she wont get ahead with this. granny waives off her concerns, and says that she was disturbed about whats been happening recently, and how she doesnt want anything else bad happening to them. she then instructs her to tell anything if she remembers anything, and also asks her not to talk about this to anyone else. Devi maa promises tensedly. granny leaves. devi maa wonders why is she worried.

Outside, vihaan gives a long list of instructions to kyra, when granny comes out tensedly, and half hears what they are talking. Kyra notices that she is tensed, and discusses this with vihaan, that she seemed normal after some time from the hospital, but seems concerned now. he asks her not to worry as she must be tired. he asks her to take proper care of herself, and then hurriedly leaves for office. kyra stands tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Vihaan drives on the road, lost in his thoughts about their would be child, which he prefers to be a girl, and starts day dreaming, and doesnt realise that a girl just crossed his path, and almost collides into her, and to save her, he loses his balance and falls off. when he gets up, he is surrounded by a group, who ask him about his well being. he says that he is fine, and enquires about the girl. The people ask him to be careful, but deny the fact that there was a girl around. Vihaan is boggled, whether it was his hallucination or real. he finds it weird, as it was real. He walks off, when the girl who is actually hiding behind a tree, thinks that ahd she gone close to him, she would have been reprimanded and its good that she didnt go there, and noone saw her hiding here too.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Later, granny prays to the goddess, that things should sort out soon, and whatever misunderstandings or doubts are there, they should be resolved, and everything can be peaceful and happy again. she is distraught and extremely tensed. kyra comes and gives her tea, and excitedly asks why does she seem tensed, and if she is hiding anything. she says that she is merely preoccupied with her own fears at having had so much happiness altogether. the mothers come and tease her, and punish her by making her repeat that she wont go to the kitchen, and just rest. mili offers that she shall make all the food. geeta cribs that she makes spicy and they wont eat. narmada says that from this day forth, she shall keep everyone’s taste in mind, while preparing food. nilima asks how will she manage alone, and they ask her to help then. Just then, vihaan comes and they find his hand brusied. he narrates the weird incident, about the little girl, and all are boggled. Granny is tensed. Nilima and others get to teasing him again, on their happiness. all are amused, while kyra and vihaan stand embarassed. kyra takes vihaan inside to attend to his bruises. all disperse, while granny is tensed as she is already tensed, and now these weird incidents just accentuate it all the more, and prays to tjhe goddess not to add to her tensions, as she remembers Dolly’s presumptions.

Inside as kyra attends to his wounds, he expresses what he was thinking, when bhe had the mini accident, and they lovingly talk about it, while both are excited. kyra is overwhelmed to see his excitement. she suddenly feels a sharp pain, and terms it a normal cramp. he gets scared. they hug each other. the screen freezes on their happy faces.

Precap: Granny comes and ties a sacred thread that takes away all bad intentions towards the people, who tie it. She first does it to vihaan, who happily complies. then she asks kyra to extend her hand. she complies too. granny is boggled and perplexed to find that despite frantic efforts, it doesnt tie itself on kyra’s hand at all. Granny is distraught as she eyes kyra, who herself is tensed and worried.

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