Sasuraal Simar Ka 7th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mata ji says maybe Maani used her powers. Prerna says but she doesn’t have her powers. Mataji says lets go check her room. Have you asked simar to stay in the room? Prerna says yes.
They go inside the room. Someone locks the door. Its mani. Mataji says open the door. Maani says you were following and I was following you. The brain behind this is simar’s. Let me go and kill her. Mata ji says don’t harm her. Mata ji says prem.. Sid.. Maani says they are all on rooftop.
Maani comes to Mata ji’s room. Mani says dont try to hide simar I have this weapon that can bring you out of anywhere. maani lits a coil and says this smoke will bring you out. Either you will come in front of me of suffocate to death.
Prerna and mata ji are trying to find a way out. Mataji says where is your phone? Prerna says its in my room.
Whole room is full of smoke. Simar(bee) says I have to go out to save myself. Simar tries to fly out of the door’s bottom. Mani grabs her. Simar screams for help. Maani says I really want to kill you in one shot but I won’t do that. I have to avenge those slaps. It will only be completed when your family knows you are dying. This will be their and your punsihment. She reads her mantra. Prerna hears simar’s voice. Prerna says she has controlled simar.
Maani says I want them to know that you are dying. So Simar..
They hear anjali’s voice and try to stop her but she has headphones on. Mataji says she can’t hear us.
Maani bring simar in temple. Maani says meet her here you will meet her after dying now. You will die very soon. I don’t want to give you a lot of pain. Just with a shock. Simar says no..
Maani closes her eyes. She opens her eyes and simar starts flying towards a switch. Simar says no.. She comes near switch. Pari comes in and says manni.. what are you doing here? Maani says I was praying in the temple. Pari says lets go. Sid has bought something for prerna. Prerna turns off the switch and leaves. Maani wonders how she came out of room. Prerna says are you okay simarr.. Prerna recalls she called anjali and anjali turned back and opened the door. Mata ji and prerna came out.
Maani says she ruined my game again. Prerna places simar in a box.

Maani is in her room she says I can’t give up like this. I have to be with sid. i will that simar and kill her.
Rajhinder gives file and says where should I keep it? Mata ji says I will place it in the locker. Rajhinder says I will don’t worry. Mata ji says I was going towards the room. Prem says but you haven’t eaten anything, Mata ji says I don’t really wanna eat. and you know I like to keep stuff my way in the locker.
Mata ji says simar I am sorry I have to lock you in the locker like this. Maani sees her. Mataji locks her room and goes out. Maani says this means that simar is in that locker. I have to get those keys from her somehow.

Precap-Prem opens the locker, Maani sees him. She gets the keys. Mata ji sees the box later and says this is empty. Prerna asks maani where is simar. Maani says better now be aloud. I will kill simar in a moment..

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