Sasuraal Simar Ka 3rd June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Prerna is looking for auto. Mata ji says sid please drive fast. Prerna says a car is coming from that way. Simar says its our family. hide. Prerna hides. She says simar they will get there before us. Prerna stops a truck and begs them for help. they give her lift.
The family comes to hospital. Doctor says no one can go out of here. Mata ji says we just want to double check. He says okay. Maani says now you will know that prerna is not there. Mata ji says lets go and check. Prerna arrives at hospital and says I have to reach my room.They are all heading towards her room, Fake simar turns back, Prerna hides. They all go from elevator. Simar shows Prerna a ladder and window. Prerna says window is closed from inside. Simar(bee) says I will go in and try to open it.
Simar(bee) goes inside from a pipe. Prerna climbs the ladder. Simar unlocks the window. Doctor says this door is only unlocked with password. Only I and my staff know it. So no one can go out. Maani says prerna won’t be inside.
They all go in. Prerna is on her bed. Asleep. Mataji says prerna is here. sankalp says so it was that woman. Simar(bee) says if mata ji sees these slippers she will know. I have to distract her. Mata ji sees the slippers and tries to recall. Mataji says prerna.
Prerna says you all here? Doctor says they thought you were out of here. Prerna says where would I go from here? Sid says yes you are here because of our mistake. Your place is in the house. You should be there. Mataji says we all want to apologize. Prerna says don’t say that. Sid says we are taking her home. It was a misunderstanding. Doctor says you have to complete some formalities. Mata ji says you are right. I will take prera home. You all go. Sid says we can go together.
Maani says to Fake simar lets go home with sid and use our arrow again. Fake simar says mataji is right. She will bring back prerna. I have to repent for the mistake I made and welcome Prerna. Mataji says go home and prepare for her welcome. They all leave.

Mataji says prerna get ready. I am signing the papers. Wait for me. Prerna says I will.
Prerna says thank God I saved myself today. Simar(bee) says not completely. They have reached home and they will attack sid. Prerna says we have to stop her. Mata ji comes and says stop whom prerna? Mata ji says prerna I know the woman who came to house today was you. Prerna says what are you saying. Mata ji says this anklet.

Precap-Fake simr sires the arrow.Prerna comes and stands between Maani and Sid. The arrow passes them both. Sid says I love you prerna.

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