Sasuraal Simar Ka 3rd July 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kamiya goes out of house. Pari is sitting idle using her phone. Sid comes and sees marigolds at the wedding site. He asks the worker why are these marigolds. I asked for roses. Sid says madam said.. Sid says she can’t do that she is very responsible. Sid sees the sweets and says these are not the ones I ordered. Pari says in heart if sid gets to know I did this not Prerna.. Prerna comes and says decorations are good right? Sid says turn around and look back. Prerna is shocked. Sid says look at the sweets too. What are you doing? How can you be so irresponsible. Prerna says in heart Pari bhabhi and Khushi did all this? If I tell him he will be so mad at them. Sid says to Prerna says why are you silent? Prerna says I don’t know how.. Sid says no excuses. Prerna says I will
fix all this. Sid says its about this business and my family. Sid leaves. Prerna says its not like that. Prerna says I should about this with Pari and Khushi.

Simar is asleep next to prem. A witch comes in. Later, Simar is in mahamaya’s place and she is surrounded by witches asleep. Kamiya sits in Simar’s place in bed so Prem doesn’t realize she is not there. Kamiya says in heart I am here in simar’s place and there all the good forces will be taken out from simar’s body. I should be careful. Mahmaya does her mantra on Simar.
In the morning, Prem takes simar’s hair off her face. He says Simar is still asleep? Kakmiya looks at simar. Prem opens the windows. Kamiya says draw the curtains. Kamiya says in heart kaal should sleep. Kamiya says simar should sleep twice. Prem says thank a lot for taking care of Simar. Kamiya says in heart I am taking care of my Kaal. If his sleep is disturbed he would be mad. Kamiya says don’t disturb simar now. Prem says then we will have to do all her work. I will wake kids up. Prerna says I will make breakfast.

Khushi says to Prerna anything I could do? Prerna says the decoration of dolls, one doll is in Simar’s room. Can you bring it? Khushi says in heart i thought it would be something that would involve money. Prerna says Khushi looks sincere. She always asks for money.
Khushi comes in Simar’s room, she slips. Everyone comes.. Khushi says I got a shock from the board. Kamiya says in heart maa must have done this. Mataji says khushi screamed but simar didn’t wake up? Kamiya says maybe she is deep asleep. Mataji says thats not possible. Simar never sleeps like this. Is she okay? Kamiya says we should wake her up. Mataji goes near Simar. Simar wakes up and says what happened? Mataji says nothing. Simar says I couldn’t sleep at night. Prerna says i think you feel weak. Simar says Kamiya where is Anjali? is she mad at me still? Kamiya says she is in school. Make her fav cake when she comes back. simar says I will make plum cake for her she likes it. Mataji says Khushi stay home don’t go anywhere. You should rest. Khushi says in heart I lost my today’s income. She slips again. Khushi says i don’t know how is this happening. Sankalp says I will come with you.
Simar says let me go make cake. Anjali must be coming.

Simar is making cake. Mataji says when she eats this cake she will forget everything. They hear dog barking. Simar says moti.. Mataji says who moti? Simar says this dog. He came after so many days. He used to come when he was a puppy. Mataji says you used to feed him. Mataji says let me go give him bread. Mataji says I will come with you.
Simar gives moti bread. Moti sees simar and keeps barking. he sees devil in her. Simar says its me why are you barking? Mataji says maybe is full. Simar says but he never behaved like this before. And he is just barking at me. You try to give him break. Mataji gives moti bread he eats it. simar and mataji are dazed. mataji says in heart animals see things we humans can’t.

Precap-Simar screams in kitchen. She calls mataji.. Mataji and everyone comes. They take her to hospital. Mataji calls Prem. Someone says Prem has met an accident. Everyone is shocked.

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