Sasuraal Simar Ka 30th November 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Roli is in tears. simar says don’t worry I will come back and devika will be with me. roli says we are all together after so long, it scares me now. Simar says Swara needs me I have to go. Sid hugs her. Devika says don’t worry I am with Simar didi. Roli says thank you and take care of yourself. Mata ji says take care. Simar says you all too.
Devika says in heart looking at temple, see her last time like this. When she returns she will be my follower, Patali’s.

Simar comes to Swara’s house. Her mother in law says you should have informed us at least. Her father in law says I allowed her.
Simar says to swara i came here just to help you. Tell me exactly what happened. Swara says whatever happened with ragini everyone is blaming me for it. they think I abducted her. simar is dazed. Ragini wonders why is simar here.
devika says in heart they dont even know what is gonna happen. Patali will ruin your life. I have to reach my destination. Simar says what are you thinking devika? Swara says why didn’t you eat anything? Didn’t you like it? Devik says i thought I should buy the soil. Swara says I will ask driver to drop you. Swara’s husband says I will drop you. Devika says okay. She says in heart.

he drops Devika at market. She says I will shop alone. He says i will pick you when you are done. Devika says to the keeper this is so expensive. He goes and then comes back to ask devika when will she be free? He looks everywhere but devika is nowhere. A kid points in a direction. He says are you sure she went there? he says yes.

Devika comes in a dark place. She says to witches the time has come. I have to come in my real attire. All the witches take a side. Devika moves towards the idol. Patali comes out of devika’s body. She dances with rest of the witches.

Simar says why do I feel so agitated like something wrong will happen.
Swara’s husband says there is something wrong. He peeks in and sees patali and other witches dancing and doing their pooja. She says get ready simar, your life is in trouble. She laughs.

Precap-Swara tells simar what sanskar saw. Simar says there is something wrong. Devika says whoever wants to harm Ragini i will support him so they’re distracted.

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