Sasuraal Simar Ka 28th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says you can’t leave us like this. She does pooja.
In house, the wedding starts. Malti is reading mantra. Shaitan makes them all wear garland and they all make him wear one.
All bharadwajs are praying outside. Shaitan takes rounds around fire.
Choti dulhan says simar didi.. She comes in with baba. Simar says could you find a solution? Baba says yes we can stop this wedding. He explains them everything. Simar says I knew choti dulhan will help us out.
Malti tells them the promises on has to make on wedding.
Suddenly the fire starts making smoke. They all smoke and start coughing. Shaitan says who did all this? Who interrupted my wedding?
Choti dulhan comes in.
Malti sees the fire and is shocked. she says your trumpet is burnt. Khushi says where am I? They all throw away the garland. Shaitan tries to take out trumpet. Uma says what is happened? Pari says we all in bridal dresses here? Khushi says what is happening.

Simar says please show us a miracle God. Choti dulhan comes and says its already done. God listened to you. They are out of his control. I brunt his trumpet. You are safe from him now. Baba says this is all because of you choti dulhan. I have to go in now, choti dulhan stay out.

All three try to run, Malti stops them. SHaitan screams no. He says this is not possible. Now see what I do. I will ruin your life. Lights turn off. He says how did this happen. Madhvi says it must bes bharadwajs. Lights turn on. All bahardwajs are inside.
Uma says simar you are here. Simar says I told you we are weak but when we are unite nothing can break us. He says don’t live in this lie. You have not seen my power yet. I will tell you how powerful evil is and how I win over you. He shakes the chandelier. The chandelier stops as they chant jai mata di. Baba comes in blowing his trumpet. Shaitan says you.. He says dont even think that you can do something to me. Your powers are weak now. And these souls are useless. Madhvi tries to attack him but it attacks her back. Baba says you cant do anything now. Malti says now see my power. He says you two are like two roaming souls now. He blows trumpet. Madhvi and malti are burnt by it.

No Precap.

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