Sasuraal Simar Ka 26th July 2016 Written Episode

A man stops his car, simar comes out of car and smiles at him. He says come. Did kids call? Simar says no Mr.Kapoor I will call them myself. He says I have some office work, can I get coffee? Simar says yeah sure. Phone rings, simr picks him. She says he is busy. What is it? Simar is dazed. she says what?

Prem is on his way, he gets a call too and says what? Its principal he says Anjali slapped another student and because of her someone fell. I can’t keep her here. She is messing with kids of other schools too.
Mr.Kapoor asks where are you going simar? Simar says it was a call from school. There is some problem there. They asked us to come. Mr.Kapoor says I will come with you too.

On the way Kapoor says what have kids done. Simar saysI hope we reach there. So we know what
actually happened. Prem is on his way. Thier car breaks down. Simar says I should look for an auto. Suddenly she sprains her ankle. Kapoor asks what happened? Simar says there is a sprain in my ankle. How will we go now? Kappor says driver will bring mechanic, you stay here and rest in the car. I will bring the kids by lift. Kapoor looks for lift.
Prem’s car is coming their way. Kapoor stops it. Kapoor says to prem out car is broken. can you drop me to a school camp nearby? Prem ways I am going there too. He says sure. Kapoor says to Simar I have got lift I am bringing kids. Simar says I am coming too. Kapoor says your ankle is sprained. I will bring them simarji. Prem hears this and is dazed. Prem comes out of his car. Kapoor says to Simar you are not going and thats final. I am just coming back in a while. Prem comes towards their car. Kapoor says you are late because of us. Prem says is there someone with you? Kapoor says that.. He gets a call and says principal I am reaching in 5 minutes. He and prem head towards Prem’s car. Prem turns back and looks thats the cloth is out of window. He knocks but simar is asleep in the car. Prem leaves and goes to his car.

Principal says to Prem this is too much, Mr. Prem your daughter slapped Rohan. Teacher says this is not first one, there have been a lot of mistakes. Anjali says why am I blamed all the time? Rohan says I order shake first. Rohan says you liar. Anjali says you liar. Prem says Anjali shut up. Kapoor says its okay it keeps happening. Rohan apologize Anjali. Rohan says I am sorry. Prem says anjali you apologize too. Anjali says when I have made mistake why should I apologize? Prem says you should be punished. Rohan says no she shouldn’t be. Sometimes people should be given a second chance. My choti maa taught me that. Teacher says for now you all kids have to leave this campus. Kapoor says bring your luggage Rohan Piyush roshni.
Prem apologizes Kapoor. Kapoor says its okay she is a child. Prem says my wife and I separated that is why she became stubborn. Kapoor says I know thats very important for kids to have mom. I have someone in life who has taught manners to my kids. Prem says yeah your son seemed like that.
Prem says I will drop you. Kapoor says no no my driver is coming with another car. We have to pick their choti maatoo.
Piyush is about to fall prem holds him. prem says are you okay? Piyush says yes.

The kids come to Simar. Simar asks what happened? Roshni tells her everything. Simar says how can she slap? she has no manners? Kapoor says it was not her mistake, her mom left her in childhood that is why she is like that. Simar recalls leaving Anjali and Sanju.
Simar applies cream to Rohan’s face. Piyush says mama I have some redness too.Simar says this is just a mosquito bite. Look at Rohan. Kapoor says you are worrying for no reason. A woman comes and says oh no let her apply otherwise she wont be able to eat or sleep. She loves rohan and roshni more than her child. Kapoor says someone has to care about them because they are your kids and you don’t have time for them. Simar asks kids to go to room. The lady says she has controlled my kids. Kapoor says shut up Rita. Rita says she travelled with you sitting on front seat,am I right? Simar says ma’am I.. Rita says shut up. Stay in your limits. You are my kids’ servant. Don’t dream of becoming owner of this house.

Precap-Prem says she slapped him and he apologized her. Because of him she wasn’t resticated. Anjali says if he is so nice leave me and adopt him. Prem says shut up and slaps her. Anjali slits her wrists.

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