Sasuraal Simar Ka 20th February 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1

Roli peeks in mata ji’s room. She says ata ji is asleep here. She sees door of balcony open.
Simar says I dont know what to do. Unless mata ji goes out we cant do this pooja and we wont get rid of these evil souls. She sees mata ji going out of the house. Simar goes downstairs. She sees someone with a candle. Simar says who is that. An old song plays in backgroud. The door locks. simar steps on pan. Someone laughs. Simar says who is this? Come in front. Someone starts laughing. Simar says stop this noise. You want to take my house, you can’t harm my family till I am here. Suddenly prem says simar.. and everyone is there. Prem says what are you doing here at this time? Simar says I saw mata ji going somewhere and then those voices. She holds her head. Simar says was this real or was that a dream? Roli says when you came here? Simar says I saw mata ji going out. Mata ji comes in hall. Simar is dazed to see her. Mata ji says when I was in room I saw you going out of house. Then I came here and since then I am here when you came back? Mata ji says I just woke up and why would I go out at night? Simar says is this morning? Karuna says Prem take simar to her room. Simar go rest.

Mata ji says give me something to eat I am really hungry. Sid calls roli, she stands up in shock. She says is he okay? Prem says what happened roli? Roli says papa met an acicident. Everyone is dazed. Roli says he has been taken to hospital. Mata ji says shalu take out the car. Roli says you all go I will lock the house and come. Everyone leaves. Roli says in heart sorry God I have to use papa’s name but we had no other option.

Simar comes in with Guru maa. Guru maa says did you do what I asked? Simar says yes and opens the door. Simar has made a rangooli inside. Guru maa enters the house reading her mantra.
Mata ji and everyone is on their way. Mata ji says sankalp please drive fast. Rajhinder is in hospital. Mata ji says where is roli? Prem says she is coming in other car. Guru maa asks simar to go to temple. Simar sits there.
Guru maa starts her pooja. Suddenly lights turn on and off. Simar says oh God what is this wind. Guru maa has a stone in her hand. Light comes out of that stone, and a lady appears on the mirror. She is wearing white. Guru maa says simar bring sindur from temple. Simar says the candle will blow. Guru maa says no one can blow it till I am alive don’t worry. Simar brings sindur. The woman starts crying, guru maa save me. Leave me. Simar is dazed. Simar says this is the same woman. I saw her. The woman says leave me. Guru maa asks simar to make symbol with sindur on other mirror. A little crying girl appears on the second mirror.

Precap-The white woman throws something at guru maa. Guru maa dies. She says her last words simar these are the woman. .

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