Sasuraal Simar Ka 1st June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says to Prerna do whatever you want. I will get you ready for the mental asylum. Prerna is bewildered. Mata ji says to sid have you seen prerna? What can we do? Sid says we can find a solution. She has done so much for us. Pari says but how can we keep her in this condition? Sid says we can treat her better here. She will get better with family. Fake simar comes in and says but.. Mataji says sid is right. She will have better care here. Mata ji says okay Prerna will stay here. Jhanvi says yes we should. Sid says let me go and tell her that she will stay here. Simar says but.. Mata ji says he is right. She is like family to us. You know Simar. When your family is in trouble you keep them with you and take care of them. She should better be treated home. Prerna won’t go anywhere.

Prerna says I tried to tell everyone. I am so worried. I don’t know what to do. Sid says who is she talking to? Simar(bee) says you can’t give up. Prerna says you are right. I won’t give up. If I am innocent then I will prove it no matter what I have to do. Sid wonders why is she doing that? He says that means simar was right. Sorry prerna but now I think too that you should go to hospital.

Scene 2
Prerna is being taken to mental assylum. Simar(bee) says please stop her mata ji. Prerna says trust me please. She is doing all this. Sid says don’t pull her. Take her with care. Fake simar says they know how to treat a patient. Prerna says Sid please trust me I have not done anything. The van leaves.
Maani says the biggest hurdle is gone. Nothing can stop me and sid from being together. Fake simar says how will you do it? Mani says I know what to do.

Maani is doing a pooja. A book appears. Maani says I have an issue. I have to get my powers from sid. He has to come close to me for that. Please show me a way that would bring sid close to me and fall for me. The books gives her an arrow and says use it. One you strike sid he will be your slave. He will fall for you.
Fake Simar says what is this archery kit? Maani says this is not ordinary. This is kaam teer. When it stabs sid’s heart he will fall for me. And This arrow will disappear but if it doesn’t disappear that means something is wrong. Fake simar says is it that easy? Maani says no. It has to pass my heart before his. Fake simar says won’t it hurt him? Maani says he won’t even know. This arrow is not visible by humans. Sid can’t see or feel this. Fake simar says who will do this? Maani says you. And you have to be careful. There shouldn’t be anything hurdle amid or it won’t work. I won’t get another chance. Fake simar says I will do it. Simar(bee) says what should I do.

She tries to pick the arrow up. Fake simar hears someone coming.She says I think maani is coming with sid. Maani says this AC isn’t working. Sid says let me check. Sid checks the AC. Fake Simar shoots the arrow, Simar(bee) comes in between, she falls down. The arrow passes maani’s heart.
It is going towards sid. it passes sid’s heart. Simar(bee) is shocked.

Precap-Amar says I talked to prerna’s doctor. They hear some noise from prerna’s room. They run after the woman. Maani sees her face. Its prerna.

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