Sasuraal Simar Ka 19th November 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sujata says to prem you wont go in front of her. Prem says you said a loser sits idly in problems. I will go there. Sid says you are not well. Amar says yes you can’t go. Prem says i am dying inside. Everything is dark. There are so many questions. i have to go to that witch to find my answers. They leave. Mata ji says you will bring the happiness of our house back. I have faith in all of you. No one will be able to put a bad eye on our family. We will pray for you, you three and simar will return with success. And this story has to end.

Indra runs after simar. She says stop there simar. Simar runs up the cliff. Indra says come face me if you can. SImar goes inside a temple.
Sid, amar and prem are on their way. They look for simar on the way. Sid says we should look for her. Simar had that map. She must have gone there but indra would have tried to stop her. Amar says we have to follow the same map. It leads towards the jungle.
Simar says i have to find this place. I hcan’t give up. she realizes she is in forest. simar says i was in forest how i came here. Indra says i brought you here. Why are you worried? You thought how my powers worked inside the temple? Recalls that temple, what God was there? Simar says there was no idol there. Indra says i made you do this mistake. I knwe that you would enter the temple. this is called magic. When you were seeing the map. I saw it too. This is the jungle in this map so i brought you here.Because neither of us has time. Go and look for answers, secret of my end. how sad. So now you can’t trust me. Maybe this is also an illusion. You are thinking right. Never trust me. simar says you dont trust yourself how can I trust you. Back then you were an evil so are you. You wont have been a witch if you didn’t learned blackmagic. you have been paying as a witch. You would have been someone else. You did all this for get love? But you don’t win love. You lost when you tried to get love with evil forces. you have always been a loser. Indra says i never lost.simar says for how long will you lie to yourself? This story has to end. Amar, sid and prem are on their way. Amar says this looks the same jungle mentioned in the map. sid says lets go.Amar says its all green here. Lets go try that way.

simar says because good always wins over evil. Indra says i accept your challenge. You have time till the sun sets. Go do whatever you want til then. Once the sun sets nothing can save you. Thakur was mine and he will always be mine. I will end the war of 100 years. My hopes will win and this is my promise. Simar says then I vow as well that I will make you see the reality. i will show you the power of God. And i know that God has sent me here so I can put an end to your evil plans. Indra says okay then it is decided you have time till the sun sets. Do whatever you want. Lets see who wins.

Precap-Badi amma says stop you three here. I wont let you come in between indra and simar today.

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