Sasuraal Simar Ka 19th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
The witch says Simar is getting ready to give birth to devil’s child. This child should be born in puran mashi. The other witch says what if it doesn’t? Mahmaya says then the child can die. Don’t worry when Kaal comes chandan maa has to change itself. Everything is like Kaal wants. The same way Simar’s hand’s marks are changing. Because its time for Kaal to come.
Pooja is on going in bharadwaj house. Simar slips her foot sprains, the kalash falls in havan and it blows. Everyone makes simar sit. Prem says keep sitting. Simar says it really hurts. Pari brings the bam. Prem applies it. Khushi says i will get this oil on floor cleaned. Khushi says havan kund has blown. Mataji says this is not a good sign. Pandit ji says don’t worry pooja has stopped but simar is all right. Rajhinder says but is it okay for havan kund to blow? Pandit ji says you can lit candle in temple. Kamiya says havan kund fell from my hand. I am so sorry. Simar says you saved me its okay. Mata ji says yes don’t blame yourself. Prerna says you should rest Simar. Kamiya says unless you are okay I will do everything. Simar says don’t worry they will handle. Kamiya says you don’t consider me family?Mata ji says you are Prem’s friend. You can do whatever you want in our house. Sujata says Prem take Simar to her room. Prem picks Simar and takes her to the room.

Sid is talking to roli’s photo. He says I am tired of tasting these sweets. I have to send order. You are not here to help. Prerna comes in and coughs and says should I help? He says what help? Prerna says sweets. He says are you serious? You are a doctor. Prerna says I am a doctor but I know all famous sweets in all states. I love sweets. Sid says wow taste it then. Prerna says lets start from this one. She starts tasting. Prerna says actually.. Sid smiles and says now you know. Lets try together. They both pick the same sweet. Prerna says wait a minute. I will choose the final one. This one and this one. Sid says cool. Prerna says btw one suggestion, Sid says yes if its for free. She says why don’t you start wedding planning? He says why? She says I think you can do that. It will give you a lot of profit. Sid says good idea. I will ask mata ji about it. He says btw, I forgot to tell you. You have started being affected of my company you have become wise. He laughs and leaves. Prerna laughs too.

Simar is asleep in her room. She sees a dream in which there is fire. A spider sits on her foot. Simar suddenly wakes up and is scared. Simar stands up and tries to walk.
Mahamaya is doing her her pooja and says Kaal is coming, his web spawn in Simar’s belly. The spider is in her hand.

Mata ji lits the temple. Mata ji comes to the tree where they buried maani. Its not there. Mata ji tells pandit ji. he says don’t worry. Mata ji says the maani is not here. He says its a jungle. We don’t know if its the same tree. Mata ji says i am sure its the same tree. he says don’t worry lets go from here. Mataji says please protect Simar God. They leave.

Precap-Simar hugs Prem and says I won’t let you go anywhere. He says okay I won’t go anywhere. I will be here with you all the time. The witch sees them and says they shouldn’t be together before birth of Kaal. .

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