Sasuraal Simar Ka 18th November 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar comes to guru ji and asks whats the solution. Suddenly another simar comes and says Guru ji.. I am simar. SImar says please trust me I am simar. don’t give that protection string to anyone else.
Mataji says what has happened to our prem. Prem wakes up. He says I see trust in your eyes. And this woman is trying to make everything okay. I trust you. But what should i do? I don’t know who I am. I have forgotten my own face as well. How will I live without any memory. Mata ji says calm yourself down. The things you lose, you can find them if you look out for them. You have to promise us that you will trust us. You wont harm yourself.

Guru ji wonders who is the real Simar. Simar says I am the real one this is indra. They both blame each other. One of them says give it to me. Guru ji says I wont risk my life for anyone. This is the map and this will cut indra’s blackmagic and I will burn. SImar says don’t do this please. This is the last option we have. Guru ji says i knew that indra would want me to burn the map. You were laughing when i said about burning it. Indra says you will pay for playing with me. Guru ji gives the map to Simar and says follow it. Just go from here. I will stop indra wati. Indra attacks Guru ji. She says give me that map. Simar runs. Guru ji tries to stop indra. She attacks him and hits him with a car. Indra says give it back to me. Simar says I wont let Guru’s sacrifice go in vain. I will release roli and prem. Indra says give it to me. You can’t go from here. Simar starts reading the mantra. Indra screams. Simar says now use your evil powers.

Simar says Guru ji has died. I will go to the place that is mentioned in the map before she comes here. Indra sees her going and says where would you go? Simar says I should tell Sid everything. She calls sid and says Guru ji has died. I couldn’t do anything. I am going where he pointed me. Sid says what? you are going alone. Simar says i have this map. indra will try everything to stop me.
Siamr says indra must be near. She clicks a photo of map and sends it to sid.
Sid says lets go amar. Prem says I will come with you as well./ Everyone is dazed.
SImar is on her way. Sujata says can you go? That way is too dangerous. Sid says we have never been there but we have GPS we can go there. Rajhinder says take care. Roli says all the best. Sid says thank you. roli says i will wait for you. Prem says i will come with you as well. Everyone is dazed. They all leave.
Simar’s car goes out of control. She says please help me God. Simar says please help me GOd.

Precap-Badi amma stops sid’s car and says stop here. I wont let you come betwen indra and simar today.

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