Sasuraal Simar Ka 18th January 2017 Written Episode

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Scene 1
Piyush says i dont believe in all this. We will get married on decided date. Simar says God’s blessings are with us. Mataji says I don’t mind. anjali says roshni.. Piyush and vadahi turn back. Simr says I am glad you came. Come sit. Roshni says papa told me you two are getting married that’s why congratulations. Piyush says thanks. That’s my friend I knew you would realize. Roshni says I wanna apologize you all for my behavior. I know I was wrong. Maaji says let by gones be by gones. Roshni says i will decide their clothing. Simr says of course. Mataji says we don’t have much time. They all divide responsibilities.
They all go. Vadhai says to roshni I was so worried thank you. Roshni says really? Do you even know the reality? Truth is this this all just be a dream for you. I am here to break this marriage. You thought you would take him from me nd I would not do anything? He us mine and will always be. And you will never marry him. I won’t let this happen.

Sumit calls roshni and says where is she? Rita says I asked you not to lock her. Sumit says you saw how she behaved. Sumt says you were home you should have kept an eye. Roshni comes in and says she didn’t know where i went. Sumitt says where were you? She says I went to simar’s house. SUmit says what? I asked you not to. Roshni says relax. My bestie is getting married. I had to go to congratulate him. I know you can’t believe but let it all go. I have realized I don’t wanna lose my best friend. And neither my papa. Sumit hugs her and says thank you i as so worried for you. Roshni and rita smile.

Anjali comes to sumits’ room and it’s dark. She says in heart I have to be successful in my mission today. She plugs a wire in. Lights open. There are umrellas everywhere. She says I have to make papa ji smiles.

Rest comming soon.

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