Sasuraal Simar Ka 17th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Simar says whose child is this and where is he going at this time? Simar runs downstairs after the kid. When she goes downstairs, she says that child? Is he in trouble? Its was her dream. She wears her slippers again and comes to her kids.They are both asleep. Simar sits with them. Simar says why did I see a dream like that? Take care of my kids.
Simar tells mataji about her dream. Simar says I was so scared. Mata ji says go to your room and sleep. Simar says I know what happened earlier was scary. And a dream about kids is enough for a mom to worry. We have thrown that maani out of our lives. Forget the nightmare and sleep. I will sleep with the kids.

Simar meets prerna. Prerna says I will have to go now Simar. Simar says I won’t force you to stay. Sid forgot to live after roli. you brought him back to life. He needs time. He has started talking and spending time with everyone. like a friend you have helped him out of that grief. prerna says there is a difference between a friend and a life partner. I am just a friend to him.
prerna sees a chandelier falling on Sid. She runs and saves him. Prerna says are you okay? Sid says yes I am fine. Mataji says are you okay prerna? Her hand is bleeding. They take her to room. Jhanvi dresses her wound. Sid says no one can take Roli’s place. Mata ji says this is your life and you have to live it. You have to make new memories. Mata ji says roli’s part in your life is over.and you have to understand that, you have to think about your future.
If you think prerna has some role in your life then, stop her.

Sid is driving prerna looks at him. She recalls what simar said.
Mata ji goes to sid and says that is what a true life partner is. They stand in front of each other in trouble. Like you and roli did. Mata ji and rest are in the other car. Something goes in prerna’s eyes. Sid sees her. he turns the fan towards her. She feels better.
prem’s car stops. He says some tree’s stems are stuck. Mata ji says don’t get out of the car. This is oak tree’s stems. It isn’t right. kamiya says I will go with prem if you are worried. Simar says no one will get out of the car. Start the car again. Prem starts the car again. The witch watches them.

Precap-Everyone comes home. They are dazed to see the gate is open. Simar says mataji see there. They are all dazed….

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