Sasuraal Simar Ka 15th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Everyone surprises Simar when she wakes up for her birthday. Mata ji says only very lucky people are born on this day. Sujata says and they are very close to God that is why they have to give tests.
Prem says if everyone is done can I wish her too? Mata ji says yes yes. Prem hugs Simar and says happy birthday. Prem says you all have to come out and celebrate. Mataji says i won’t go. i have lit candle in temple. Khushi says verma aunty will take care of it. Simar says please mata ji for me. Mata ji says okay. Amr says so go get ready everyone. Prerna says very lucky people have husband like prem ji and family like this. Simar says this family and an equally loving husband is waiting for you. prerna says I like Sid but I know.. Maybe I love him but he has no place for me in his heart. Simar says how can you say that? Prerna says it was all because of that arrow. I decided before, everything will be okay and I will leave. Simar says you are talking about leaving on my birthday. Simar says you are not going anywhere Prerna says okay. Simar says go pack up and get ready now.

They all leave. They come to a haveli. Sujata says such a nice place. Sankalp says you have booked such an awesome place. Amar says I showed him 20 places. Then he selected this. Amar says you know Simar prem has booked a.. Prem says let it be a surprise. Amr says just a hint. Amr says okay. Prem says today’s party is in Simar’s name. Mata ji says so this was the surprise. Amar says the real surprise prem will give her in room. Mataji says amar.. he gives room keys to everyone. Prem takes Simar to room. He says don’t open your eyes. simar says can i now? when they comein room is is all decorated with roses. Simar says you have done all this for me.. Prem says no for my girlfriend. Prem says the one who is my wife now. He kisses her but his phone rings.
Simar says pick it up. Prem says mansoor bhai you can’t deliver it? i want it. I have to give that ring to my wife today its her birthday. I will come to pick it up. prem says I hope I am back before 5 when the function starts.

Sid comes to Simar and shows her a picture of Roli.Simar says you think roli would feel good seeing you sad every moment? No. She just wanted to see you happy. Today she is not here but you are and there is a reason behind it. You have to make new memories. You can’t turn your face away from new beginnings. look around. Sid sees prerna. Simar says new life, new memories are waiting for you. Sid says Simar.. Roli’s memories are life rose. The smell the memories don’t fade away. My Roli’s sid died with her. Bharadwaj’s Sid is alive. He will live every moment but they cant wither away roli’s memories. He leaves. Sid is driving to the shop. He says I have been waiting for this day.He sees a woman hung from a tree. Prem is dazed. He stops the car. The girl is screaming. She says someone help me please. Prem gets out of the car and says give me your hand. He brings her down. She says please don’t leave me. Prem says you are on ground relax. PRem sees her face and says you..

Precap-That girl says to simar this aunty applies so good mehndi. She asks to apply simar mehndi.

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