Sasuraal Simar Ka 13th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Maani says you don’t want to understand that I was my powers back for which I need sid back. I don’t have another option but to kill you all. They are all dazed. She says kill them all. So many thugs come with gun. All bharadwajs are scared. They hide behind different things. Prem saves simar in his hands and give her to prerna. He beats down a man. Sattu hits one with stone. They all hit them. Simar says my days are ending. Prerna says we will save you.
One comes with bullet and says I will kill mata ji if you move.Sid throws a rod at him. Manni tries to pick up a gun. Prerna puts her foot on her hand. Prerna picks the gun and points at MAani. Maani says I won’t leave you. Mata ji says now tell us where is that mirror. Maani says I won’t.. Your simar is dying. Prerna says sid look for it in the car. Maani says go find it if you can.
Prem says here it is. He brings a covered mirror. Mataji says take the cloth off from it. The mirror is broken. Everyone is dazed. maani laughs. She says you are all so stupid. You thought I would leave it perfect? I had to destroy it so I did. Simar says I have to die now. Mata ji says life is in God’s hands. We won’t let anything happen to you. Uma says we are all here don’t worry. Simar says prerna tell them I really love. Prerna says nothing will happen to you. God won’t let anything happen to you. Maani says this is time to talk to simar because this is her last time. Prerna says simar is saying Prem I really love you and whole family. And you all have to learn to live without her.
Prem screams simarr.. and sits there crying. Prem says God you have to save her. you can’t do this. Everyone is crying.

It starts raining. Baba is doing his pooja. He opens his eyes. He says after so many years I have got a signal from God. What could be the reason? Have I made a mistake? Forgive me God.
They all grasps maani. Mata ji says tell us the solution to bring Simar back. Maani says I won’t tell anyone. Prem throttles her and says I wont leave you alive. Maani says becasue of your simar my powers are gone. I can die, even if you kill me you cant save simar. She has to die. Mataji says leave her prem.
mani says this fear, this pain is what I wanted to see on your faces. Simar will die in front of you and you wont be able to do anything. Today my revenge is done. Simar will die there and you all will stand here and watch dying. Prerna says nothing will happen to you simar.
Baba comes there. Simar says baba.. Prerna says where? They all look at him. Prerna says this baba made her a bee.
Prem sits in his feet. He says why you gave her this punishment. Please end this for her and forgive her. Make her human again. Baba says the mistake I made.. is way more than what simar did. Because of me today, a human dies then God will never forgive me. Baba says yes I made her bee and today I will save her.

No Precap.

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