Sarojini 2nd November 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with Sarojini performing pooja and praying god to protect her and Soumendra from evil and thanks god for giving her a husband she dreamt of. She also prays to set Manu’s brain right and stop her from eyeing other’s husband. Manu prays that Soumendra should be hers soon and thinks she hates Soumendra’s relatives as his house looks like a zoo. Nirjhara prays god to lessen Dushyanth’s anger and continues that he is her god, husband, etc..

After finishing pooja, all 4 ladies reach home. Nirjhara tries to touch Dushyanth’s feet, but he yells at her and runs. She touches his slipper to take his blessings. Sapna touches Bhaskar and Daadi touches Dadaji’s feet. Soumendra says he does not believe in all this as he feels wife’s place is in husband’s heart and not feet. Sarojini gets emotional hearing this. Manu says she will hug Soumendra then and walks near. Soumendra backs of.

Daadi says let us cook food for men now and takes Nirjhara and Sapna to kitchen. Sapna kneads dough. Dadi asks her to be careful as she is pregnant. She sends Manu to wash utensils. Manus goes and puts all utensils in washing machines. Sapna hears sound and tells Dadi looks like a roller is moving outside. They all run into washing area and see all utensils broken. Bhaskar says babuji will get heart attack now. Nirjhara thinks already there is a tension at home, now Manu broke utensils. Dushyanth panics seeing broken utensils but sits silently. Manu says him that she informed her dad and ordered 2 sets of utensils. Dushyanth praises her.

Dadaji and Dushyanth start having food. Sarojini asks soumendra to join them. He says he is not hungry and will have just milk. Manu thinks how will she mix herbs into Soumendra’s vegetables now and then smiles thinking of adding herbs in milk.

Indira asks Sarojini to select sari. Sarojini looks at Soumendra and selects one selected by Soumendra. Indira says she will send Goonga to get her blouse stitched and sends Goonga. Once she leaves, Soumendra and sarojini’s romantic talks start..Manu gets jealous seeing this but smirks reminiscing mixing herbs in milk. Sarojini serves soumendra milk.

Nirjhara, Sapna and Daadi promote new serial Kaali.

Precap: Manu dances sensuously in front of Soumendra on bharo maang meri bharo…song.

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