Sanyukt 30th December 2016 Written Episode

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Uday dreams of killing Parimal and wakes up worried. He goes to Parimal’s room and sees him sleepig on bed and Gayatr on chair. He holds Parimal’s feet and reminisces Parimal’s love and trust for him and then last incident wherre he says he broke his trust and collapsing. He keeps his head on Parimal’s feet and cries.

In the morning, RRaul and Sameer are sound asleep when Sameer’s phone rings. Raul asks Sameer to pick his mobile. Sameer picks call and gets tensed. Rahul asks what happened. Sameer says Uday’s dancing video has gone viral and he has become butt of a joke.

Ila with Gayatri and Ila does god’s aarti with background bhajan. They all 3 pray god to get Parial well soon.

Rahul speaks to inspector and informs Sameer
that case is not in his jurisdiction and they have to contact cyber cell, he has offered to help, but already many people would have watched video. Sameer says he is feeling pity for Parimal. Rahul hopes Uday does not go on social networking site. Sameer says even he hopes so, but Uday cannot stay away from social networking site for long.

Uday goes to kitch and tries to speak to Gayatri, but Gayatri asks him to go from there. Uday insists. Gayatri says she has to take soup for Parimal. Uday snatches soup and keeps it aside. Gayatri slaps him and says he challenged Parimal that he will not forgive his slap, so he forced Parimal into this condition, now she slappped him and will see what he can do. She takes soup and Uday stands crying. Gayatri also cries while carrying soup. Rita sees her and asks if Parimal is fine. Gayatri says she could not control herself and slapped Uday. Rita says Uday will understand her condition. Gayatri says if he had understood, he would not have done this to them, how could he betray. Rita asks her to calm down, everything will be alright. Gayatri says she will give soup to Parimal and asks Rita to go and console Uday.

Rita goes and sees Uday playing with her children and acts as scolding them to stay away from Uday and says she will slap them. Uday asks how can she speak to children like this. Chldren say it is okay, mom’s love is hidden in her anger. They all play game and laugh.

Maya reminisces Niranjan’s words to give him closure, calls Niranjan. Niranjan sees her call and reminisces Gayatri, Ila and children’s words. He does not pick call at first, but then holds phone and sees missed call. He then calls her back and asks why did she call him. She says actually. He asks if she is fine, if her husband did not trouble her again. She says she wants to speak to him. He asks if she wants to reply to his questions. He says yes, let us meet last time as friends and clear our doubts and say goodbye for ever. He asks where to meet. She says ina part outside her office. She says okay and disconnects call. She then sees her husband standing behind her and asking if she sent him to jail for her boyfriend Niranjan. She says what rubbish, if he does not go, she will call police. He says he will not go. She picks mobile. He snatches and throws mobile and slaps her.

Precap: Niranjan reaches Maya’s ouse and sees her uncnscious on floor injured. He tries to wake her up.

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