Santoshi Maa 3rd January 2017 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa and Devi Paulmi’s war going on. Santoshi Maa defends all attacks. They both swordfight. It thunders. Brahmadev says we have to stop them, else the world will get ruined. Brahmadev and all devis go. Narad hopes to get solution to stop them. Devi Paulmi gets away. Santoshi Maa asks her to battle, else it will be her failure. Devi Paulmi thinks I can protect myself by cheat, I have to do special yagya and also stop Santoshi Maa from breaking the yagya. She makes a shield for herself.

She creates two creatures and asks Santoshi Maa to save herself now. She laughs and goes. Narad says what’s this, Devi Paulmi easily accepted defeat, but how, its possible that she went to make some big plan to attack Mata, what can be that plan, I have to inform this to Brahmadev
soon. He goes.

Devi Paulmi does yagya. She says I know all mantras being Indra’s wife, I will get most powerful weapon to fail Devi Santoshi. Santoshi Maa battles with the fire balls. She asks Devi Paulmi to come infront of her.

Santoshi prays and sings aarti. Santoshi Maa says this shield can’t protect Devi Paulmi for long. She asks Devi Paulmi not to try to get saved, I will fail you and return. Narad tells Brahmadev that Devi Paulmi is making dangerous plan against Santoshi maa. Santoshi signs aarti. Devis talk how did Devi Paulmi get brahmaastra easily. Brahmadev says I have given Indra special powers to secure devlok from bad powers, Devi Paulmi is his wife and knows mantras, she is getting brahmaastra, after that, disaster is certain, human race will end. They get shocked.
He says Brahmaastra is the last weapon, its very powerful, but its use between two devis will be disastrous. Narad says you said right, we have to break Mahadev’s tapasya, before Devi Paulmi uses Brahmaastra.

Devi Parvati prays to Mahadev and asks him to awaken to stop this disaster. They all pray and call him. Santoshi Maa prays and attacks on the shield. Devi Paulmi does the yagya. Everyone call Mahadev for help. Santoshi drinks water and drops the pot. She gets dizzy. She falls there and says what’s happening to me, maybe because I m hungry.

Santoshi Maa gets shocked seeing Brahmaastra. Devi Paulmi and holds Brahmaastra. She says I have to chant mantras and control it, then I can use it. Devi Paulmi chants mantras. The mountains begin to break. Mahadev appears from the mountains. Devi Paulmi takes Brahmaastra for the fight. Everyone smile seeing Mahadev. Mahadev opens his eyes.

Devi Paulmi throws the Brahmaastra at Santoshi Maa. Santoshi Maa gets shocked. Mahadev gets up.

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