Santoshi Maa 29th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Daksha and Madhuri crying aloud for Santoshi’s future. They start the drama and ask why are they after Santoshi, how can they wish to get Dhairya remarried. Dhairya asks Riya not to listen to them, they are greedy beggars and can make any story. Riya signs no. Dhairya says you feel I will lie to you, I just love you Riya. He says I went to their house on Madhu’s saying, Santoshi is maid, how can I make her my wife. Riya says you made her your life, brilliant Dhairya, you are showing others their place, whats your status, you have just held Madhu’s pallu and walked since childhood, Madhu decides everything for you, what do you do, learn to become a man. Dhairya and everyone get shocked.

Riya says is marriage a joke, you know what, you deserve this maid, stop dreaming to marry me, so disgusting. He asks her to listen. She throws water on his face. Daksha smiles. Riya says don’t talk to me. Riya’s dad says if we knew we will be insulted again, we would have not come here. Madhu stops them and says Riya please listen to me, if you want to go then, I will not stop you. She takes Riya with her.
Kaka asks Dadi not to worry, don’t say anything else matter can get worse. Madhuri says its about Santoshi’s life, we have to say. Madhu tells Riya that you will feel strange, but I want to show you a mirror, so that you see yourself and know you are not suitable for Dhairya, you maybe mistaken that I like you and want to make you my bahu, I hate your face, I can make maid my bahu but not you. She says Dhairya is not your property on whom you can rule, I think you understood. Madhu signs no to Dhairya. Santoshi asks Riya to listen, I will explain you. Dhairya asks Riya not to react like this. Riya throws his ring. Riya cries and leaves with her parents.

Santoshi Maa smiles seeing Madhu showering love on Santoshi. Gaumata says I m glad seeing Santoshi, she made a place for herself, happy time started in her life, you always bless her, so that Santoshi stays happy like this. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi is not happy, now there won’t be happiness in Santoshi’s life, Devi Santoshi I have laid trap infront of your eyes, and you will just see your devotee’s happiness.

Vajra mushti says yes, Devi Santoshi can see the flowers and not our trap. She says I wanted this, Santoshi’s life will become a maze and she will get scared. Dhairya shouts on Santoshi and asks her to get out. Kaka and everyone come out and see them. Daksha and Madhuri hold Santoshi. Madhu asks what happened. Dhairya says tell Santoshi to leave, I can’t get calm, Riya has gone away from my life again because of Santoshi, I will make her leave. Madhu stops Dhairya and scolds Santoshi.

Rest comming soon.

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