Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanumaan 22nd December 2016 Written Episode

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The episode starts with hanuman seeing the staircase. He sees that the stairs are colorful and says these are the 9 colored crystals that have given the stairs colors and the 9 gods have been surely kept captive here. There meghnad attacks an arrow that creates so much light that it blurs the enemies vision. Vibhishan tells laxman without taking out this arrow we cant see, laxman says help us suryadev.
There suryadev and all gods are kept captive and hanuman says I will get you out of here. Suddenly ravana opens his eyes and hanuman hides but his gadha is kept near the stair, hanuman says if he sees my gadha then everything will be messed. Shani dev distracts ravana and says you cheap devil you will burn in hell. Ravana says I know you are trying to distract me from my prayer
but that wont happen, ravana goes back to praying. Hanuman says that was close, he goes and takes his gadha and then holds lord suryadevs crystal and tries picking it but can not. Hanuman tries on other gods crystal too but in vain. Hanuman then closes his eyes and prays to lord ram in his deepest faith and a tear rolls down hanumans eyes. The tear falls on lord suryadevs crystal, in the tear lord rams face appears. In heaven lord indra says see how hanumans mind and heart is pure and he is so faithful to ram that ram appears in every single cell of his body. Shankar says hanuman and ram are incomplete without each other.
There hanuman opens his eyes and then writes ram on the crystal, the crystal is about to crack, ravana opens his eyes. Hanuman hides. Ravana sees the gods and laughs and says you 9 gods will never be released from here and suffer more, he goes back to praying. There laxman and bvibhishan are being attacked by meghnad. Laxman says is that all you have got meghnad? Meghnad says no I have my yamastra and with that you both will die. Vibhishan tells laxman meghnads yamastra is dangerous and he defeated the gods and took yamastra from them and the yamastra sucks all the life out of the enemy. Meghnad attacks yamastra and it is sucking life out of laxman and vibhishan. there Hanuman comes and the red crystal cracks and suryadev is released. Suryadev thanks hanuman and hanuman in this way writing ram on all crystals releases all the 9 gods. All 9 gods thank hanuman and they change their places and bring back meghnads kundli where he is about to die. Shani dev says now meghnad and ravana both will die but they will live now as I cant move to the position where meghnad will die. There laxman attacks an arrow by praying lord shiv Shankar and the yamastra goes back to meghnad, meghnad says why is it coming back? The yamastra stops and meghnad laughs and says see I am invincible. There hanuman says why aren’t you coming in the 6th postion lord shani? And this way meghnad will not die and laxman and vibhishan will die in the hands of meghnad. Lord shani says I can not as ravana is praying to great lord Shankar and I cant go to the 6th postion unless ravana stops praying lord Shankar otherwise the wish Shankar has granted ravana will be insulted and ravana must be stopped from praying. Lord brahma says that if ravana is roubled while he is praying it will not be the path of righteousness. Other gods say yes, suryadev and gurudev say but he has to be stopped. Hanuman says then I will go on the path of righteousness and stop ravana. Hanuman goes with his gadha and walks the stairs and keeps his gadha beside the shivling to which ravana is praying. Hanuman prays to lord Shankar. There laxman says to meghnad that you defeated lord indra by chal kapat and this time I will use lord indras indrastra and kill you. Meghnad laughs and says that indra is a meager thing and you can not kill me and try if you want. Laxman prays and gets the indrastra arrow and attacks meghnad. There hanuman says jai shree ram and claps. Ravana opens his eyes and is shocked to see hanuman. He says you monkey you have disturbed me from my prayer.

Precap: meghnads head blows from indrastra. Ravana screams in his palace and says no meghnad my son!!!

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