Sadda Haq 6th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sumit asks randhir what should I do? Randhir says stay around and ask if anyone needs help.
Joy says to Aryan we have complete this. We don’t have much time.
Sanyu says to aryan there is no security in chamber. How is it possible? He says all these guards are scuring it. Sanyu says there is no one there. Aryan says alarm blares if someone goes near it. I can control it for 110seconds. You have to get it from there in that time. Sanyu says I can’t do it alone. You will be here.

Nirman comes to a club and dances. He recalls about asteroid and recalls what menka said.
Madam is working. Sanyu comes to her. Randhir sees them together. Subra says I can’t leave my workstation and go from here. Sumit comes. Sanyu says you were here? He says I heard it. Sanyu says what? He says that you need help. You are part of team I can help you. Sanyu takes him to side and tells him everything. He says this is crazy. Sanyu says there wont be any problem. sanyu turns randhir is there. sanyu you are getting it wrong. Randhir says you don’t accept your mistakes. I knew you would make problems in plan. I know its your nature. I know you are upto something. I will find it out.
Sumit says tell me the plan.
Aryan sumit and sanyu plan everything out.

Aryan starts working on hacking alarms. He says on microphone you have 110 secs. He tells her door code. The lights break down. Aryan’s laptop goes down too. Sanyu says last digit? He says shit. All guards rush in different directions. Sumit says lets go from here. Sanyu says shut up. Aryan says press 8, the door opens. Sanyu and sumit are in only 12 seconds are left.
Sanyu and sumit run out and come to ground they see a body,they scream. Its menka. Kritika comes too.
Sanyu is crying. Aryan hugs her and says I am here don’t worry.

Precap-Sanyu all these numbers are from an equation we have to solve it to make the processor. Aryan says sanyu is expert in solving them.

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