Sadda Haq 5th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to lab and asks ma’am for data. She says no. sanyu says please give me two minutes, sanyu tries to explain her. she says you better talk to nirman about this. Sanyu says he wont bother listening. Madam says because he knows what he has to do. sanyu says something in gujrati. Madam stands up and recalls something. She recalls a man saying this is ISRC, why should we help you? She said I want to earn it. Its not about what I can do, it about what I want to do. I want to make a difference in lives of people. They don’t know solution of troubles. I want everyone to benefit from science. She says we need scientific revolution. She quotes Abul kalam. She says I am born like a star and that is why you should hire me.
Sanyu says I know what you came to ISRC for. You have opportunity to do it now. I need your help I can’t do it now. she says okay. Sanyu says thank you ma’am. She tells her something. She says only I and nirman know it. Sanyu says so we have nuclear missile? We have to breach security to reach it.

Nirmman gets a text and stops. He says you will have to pay for this menka.He says I have to stay calm and not give her importance. He throws away his phone.
Nirman is doing asteroid component test. He gets a call. Nirman picks up and says I don’t have time to waste like you menka. She says tell me in half an hour that you are confessing. The video in which you will take blame on yourself and prove me innocent. You have to do what I ask. See what can I do with you. You will have plenty to time once you are fired from ISRC. We will have plenty of time to spend together and then plot revenge.

Sanyu tells aryan everything. He says you will make nuclear missile? Forget about all this. This is most impractical thing I have ever heard. Sanyu says a lot of people are going to lose their lives. That matters to me. I can’t stop this. if you don’t help me dark shadow will.
Dark shadow says you have no idea what can happen. Sanyu says I don’t have another plan. Nirman’s plan is fouled. Aryan says you are declaring a war against him. Sanyu says this is the only solution. Aryan says I am sorry and leaves. He comes back with his dark shadow hoodie and says darkshadown can help you. Sanyu wear a hoodie too and says black shadow, they shake hands. sanyu laughs. Sanyu says nervous? He pulls her and says I am serious. Sanyu says coffee? He says yes.

Sanyu goes out. Randhir says is our room luggage center? Aryan says stop spying on me randhir you wont get anything. He places his drive on table.
Randhir says I will find out what and who you are.
Sanyu comes out of room and locks it, randhir says I knew she must be doing something. I wont let you do anything this time.

Sanaya and joy are eating chips. Sumit says in Nirman’s voice earth will be hit by a asteroid and you are eating chips.They all laugh. Randhir comes and says what are you all doing. I want to know status of all teams now. He asks arjun.. He is quite. He asks sanaya. She says we will have report in 2 hours. Joy says only debugging is left. randhir says aryan I need your report in 2 hours.

Precap-Aryan says if someone breaches alarms will ring. I can control it for 110 seconds only. Sumit says to sanyu you want to steal that? Sanyu says yes. Randhir is standing behind her.

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