Sadda Haq 29th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kritika does sanyu’s make up. Sanyu says thats enough. I don’t have to go to a fashion show. Kritiak says you have to walk in front of Aryan anyway. Sanyu says what you mean?Kritika says we all know something is going to between you and aryan. Sanyu says we are just good friends. Kritka says to sanaya like you and randhir are just friends. Sanaya says sheikhu and i.. Sanyu says what between you and arjun. kritika says what? Sanyu says you were following him that day. Randhir calls sanaya.
Randhir says she will take whole day. He comes to room and sees sanyu.
Joy says I have even invited my friends. Arjun says where is the party? Arjun says aryan is on a secret party with sanyu. Aryan says comes and unlocks the gate. He says lets go. He blows the whistle. The place is all decorated. Everyone drinks. Kritika says where is arjun.
Arjun comes to becky. Becky says this baglow is of my ex. Arjun says really? She says keep guessing.

Aryan holds sanyu’s hand and says lets cheer for our lead. Everyone is dancing. Sanaya gives them all brownies. sanyu says they are so nice. Sanaya tells sumit that brownies had alcohols in them. He says give one to randhir as well. Sanyu says to randhir I made them. He says no thanks. sanaya says eat one please. he eats it. Becky comes and says thank you for the brownies. I love them so much.

The dance starts on, larki beautiful. Arayn dances with sanyu. Randhir is on the side with his drink. Aryan dances close to sanyu. She is uncomfortable. Sanyu leaves. Aryan says in heart I can’t even tell you how good I feel. Aryan says to sanyu I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Sanyu says its okay. Sanyu says shots? He says yeah. Randhir takes one and says cheers. Its a lovely party. Good arrangement. Can I dance with the one you have arranged this party for. Aryan says if she doesn’t mind. Randhir says come on sanyu be a support.
Randhir dances with sanyu. He zip is unlocked. Randhir zips it. He says I just came here to show you how hopeless you are. He shoves her.

Kritika sees arjun. He says why you come after me? You are not of my type. Krtika says go to hell. She comes back to sanyu and sanayaa and drinks. Joy comes and says may I dance with you?Aryan says lets dance sanyu. Randhir drinks and takes sanaya for a dance.
All couples dance on janam janam. Sanyu sees randhir with sanaya.

Precap-Randhir says sanaya what are you doing alone in pool? I could give you company. He takes of his shirt and says you look gorgeous and comes close to her. He is about to kiss her.Sanyu is seeing all this.

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