Sadda Haq 27th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanyu says Sanaya i need your help. I need a tattoo artist on urgent basis. Sanaya says why? Sanyu says I want randhir’s name’s tattoo. Sanaya says are you sure? sanyu says yes. I had one before but I got it removed when we broke up. Sanaya says okay we will get you tattooed tonight. i will find the artist.
Sanyu comes in corridor. Randhir sees her. Sanyu hugs him. Randhir says I am sorry for every time I hurt you. Sanyu says I am sorry every time you felt alone. Randhir says I am sorry that I didn’t contact you. Sanyu says I am sorry neither did I. Rnadhir says I am really sorry. Sanyu says I am sorry too. Randhir kisses her forehead and hugs her again.

Joy says to Arjun isn’t this boring? Arjun says when someone is happy they take a drink. but when someone is sad they take a bottle. Joy says so you are sad? Arjun says I am alone. Joy says you miss becky? Arjun says I don’t know. You are lucky. Kritika is a nice girl. I treated her badly. Joy says thats good for me. But yes she is really sweet. I can’t believe I am with her now. Will you go to banglore and get becky? Arjun says what will I tell her? i don’t know if i will go there or not. Arjun says I love becky. Joy says I am sleepy all the best with your decision. Arjun says I will never go there. Joy says good night.

Sanyu and Randhir are sitting on stairs together. SAnyu says when I saw you first I was like why is he so arrogant. What you felt? Randhir recalls. He recalls when sanyu was solving equation and he made fun of her, Randhir says I thought you came to check your brother’s result. Sanyu says were you jealous of parth? Rnadhir says why would I be. Sanyu says oh come on. Randhir recalls when sanyu wanted play basket ball with parth. Randhir was jealous. SAnyu recalls when she was working in lab. Rnadhir said don’t you know this red wire would blast. Agarwal came in. Sanyu did the blast intentionally. So agarwal and Ankit dont talk to her.
Sanyu recalls when Randhir came and shouted her. He said you blasted this lab. you dont care police embarrassed your dad. Sanyu shouted enough and shoved him. They both fought.

Randhir wakes up Arjun and Joy. Arjun says what is your problem. Rnadhir says wake up sumit I need some help. Sumit says I will help you tomorrow. Randhir says get up. If you don’t then I will be so bad. They get up. Rnadhir says I need your help. I want to make sanyu realize she is very important. Joy says open a joint account with her.Sumit says exchange your phone code. Rnahdir says you are so stupid poeple. you will go on Mars?

Precap-Joy says whats in the letter? Randhir says our new mentor will take 5 weeks. Because there are no investors. Arjun says this can fail our mission? Randhir says I won’t let this happen to sanyu. Randhir shows her the letter. Sanyu says this is impossible. Rnadhir says this has to happen, and says you deserve this sanyu..

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