Sadda Haq 25th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Officer says you will ask questions from your partner based on information you have submitted. They all submit their papers. Randhir gets a call from saniyal industry. Officer says now there will be calls here too.
Aryan comes to sanyu and says ask officer not to prepare questions for your partner. He will waste his time. You have known all the secrets. Sanyu leaves and says aryan is mad. Randhir comes out. He takes the call. Its manager of saniyal industry. They say we are arranging a function on renuka’s death anniversary. Randhir says I am very busy. I can’t come. Sanyu overhears this.

Sumit comes and says nirman is calling. Sanyu says but there was not announcement. He has brought them all in cafe. Everyone says where is nirman? Sumit says its a party. Becky says what is going on here. Do you think Nirman will let you party here? Sumit says don’t tell him. She says on one condition, I wanna party too. Randhir is leaving. Sanaya stops him. Sumit says maybe we will hate everyone after tomorrow so lets take this moment. Aryan is leaving. Sumit says sanyu please stop him. She says you can’t stop everyone. Aryna says I wont leave. But there will be no deadline. We will party all night. Sumit says lets drink and play games. Becky says lets play basketball but its a different one. She says people have to play this game in pairs. They will take it to near necks and have a tequila shot. Sanyaa says its fun. I will do it with randhir. Becky says aryan and sanyu, kritika and joy, arjun and becky. Sumit says I will judge the competition. First arjun and becky come, then kritika and joy, randnihr and sanaya come next. Sumit says sanaya played well but randhir played it well. You comepleted in 5 mins 12 seconds. He says well done shiekho. sanaya says he is randhir for you all. He is only my shiekho. sanyu say I can’t do this. Everyone says come on. Its a tie. Sumit says there should be a tie breaker. Becky says lets have a drinking competition. aryan says perfect.
Aryan says lets do it man to man. Randhir says I am concerned you will faint after drinking. Aryan says I dont’ leave things incomplete. Neither competitions nor relationships. Randhir says I have always been first. Sanyu says aryan stop it. Sanaya stops randhir.

Sumit says lets dance now. Everyone dances. Sanyu takes aryan out. He says go to your ex bf, stay away from me. Sanyu says enough. I have been trying to sort out. I am not gonna take it anymore. Do whatever you want. sanyu leaves.
Randhir is still drinking. SAnaya is asleep on the table. Randhir reads about renuka on his paper. He recalls when she was apologizing. Rnadhir says to waiter do you know how it feels. They take him out.
Randhir is walking with paper. sanyu sees him. Sanyu swipes his tears and says its okay. I am sorry, I know about your mom.

Precap-Randhir says I don’t need any sympathy. She says I am not giving you sympathy. He says leave me what are you doing? She sye I know how it feels to lose mom. Randhir kisses her.

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