Sadda Haq 22nd March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to workshop and says I want to meet manager.
Randhir comes to hospital and asks to meet Dr. Sablook.
Sanyu waits for the manager. She says Mr. Ashwin I wanted to talk to you its really important. He is busy checking his car. Sanyu opens a bonnet and does something. The car starts. Ashwin says what are you doing? She says don’t take this car, it can malfunction. He says who are you? She says I want to talk about randhir? He says you are his friend? sanyu says yes.
Randhir says try to understand I called him. I have to talk to him. Its urgent. Nurse says what you wanna talk about? He says I want to talk about Parth, his patient. Nurse says are you his relative? We can’t provide you with information. Randhir says then how someone else has his bills? Sanyu says they are not relatives. A doctor comes and says are you talking about parth kashyp?

Ashwin gives sanyu tea. He says I have been running this site for 15 years. i have never seen a person like randhir. SAnyu says what you do here? He says randhir used to check car crash tests here. Sanyu says that is so dangerous. He says randhir was not scared of anyone. Companies were scared of him. It looked like he was on some suicide mission. Like he was seeking some revenge. I felt like he was punishing himself. Sanyu says i think I know why.

Doctor says I have been in this profession for 20 years. sanyu showed me something no school or hospital could teach me. See that patient, none of relatives came to meet him since a month. Sanyu was not like them. she used to come to meet parth each and every day. I was dazed to see her determination. I asked her not to come, but she never listened. First I thought that she had a guilt then I got to know that she was only concerned about Parth. Her love for parth was unconditional and because of her Parth recovered. she proved everyone wrong here. If you meet her tell her that we still talk about her.

Sanyu comes back to ISRc, she recalls what Ashwin said. Randhir looks at sanyu, she trips a little randhir tries to come but stops. Randhir says in heart I guess you have see troubles as well past two years. Sanyu gets a call.. She says wanna meet me? Okay. Who has come to meet me? She goes in waiting area. Randhir’s house’s kaka is there. He says you forgot your stuff there. sanyu says thank you. He says you are the first person who came to ask about randhir in past two years. I saw your and randhir’s photo. I thought you are the girl who should be told this. Sanyu says what? Kaka says something only I and Randhir knows. He gives her a paper. he says when you read this you will get all answers and will know why I care so much about him. When you meet him tell him that it was not his fault. He leaves.
Sanyu sits down and reads the letter.

It says “my dearest randhir, i don’t know where to start to from. I am thinking what to say to my son. you wont want to listen. You were never wrong, I was always. I was so busy in my life that I couldn’t see you waiting for me. I couldn’t be a good mother. I was wondering why were you so mad? I dont know when I went so far from me. I am lucky that you considered me a mother. When. I realized I got to know how weak I am. I can’t face your hatred. I don’t want to live a life like this. Where my son doesn’t call me mom. I know you will hate me even more after reading this, but I will be gone far away. Where your hatred can’t reach me I couldn’t me your mom but I always wanted to. Please take care of yourself and forgive me. I love you son.”
Sanyu says this means randhir’s mom.. and he is blaming himself? She crumples the letter. Sanyu says he can’t do this. Sanyu says you are not wrong. sanyu comes to lab and sees randhir working. Sanyu enters the lab. Rnadhir sees her too. Sanyu drops some files, she picks them. The song ‘bolna’ plays in background.
They smile at each other. There is a spark in circuit. Sanyu holds his hand.

Nirman has a drive in hand. He opens it and is shocked. He says becky listen, no one should access my servers. Detach everything. Everyone is on work. Nirman comes to lab. he says listen up move out now. All of you.

Precap-Aryan collides with someone. Coffee spills on him. Sanyu says I am not a good chef but four years of college made me noodles expert. Hope you will like them. Aryan eats them. sanyu says how are they? He says really bad. Its been four years yet you couldn’t know how to make them.

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