Sadda Haq 20th April 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Peon gives sanyu a pack and says someone sent you a gift. she says must be aryan. Sayu opens it. Its a stone. Randhir sent a paper too, this is sample of that asteroid that destroyed villages and your plan. Aryan sees it. He says come with me. sanyu says we shouldn’t react.
Sanyu and aryan play carrom. He says seeing smile on your face is important for me. sanyu says I took your queen. He says in heart she is in front of me. Randhir sees them.

Randhir comes to nirman. He says I planned to eliminate sanyu but you sent arjun. Nirman says I dont need to consult you. Sanyu says i thought we had same motives. Nirman says you are my mirror image. He gives her a medicine. randhir says who are they for? Nirman says tablets don’t know patient. You must know;

Nirman calls them all. There is a treadmill. Nirman says we will check for how long you can run on it. Its not a race. Its distance over speed, After six minutes speed will be increased. We will see pressure on your heart, oxygen level is already low. You have to drink electrolyte so we can monitor heart rate.
Kritika starts it. She drinks electrolyte. She runs for 11 minutes. Next is sumit
Randir snatches elecrtolyte from sanaya. She says relax what are you doing. She goes next. Randhir mixes the medicine in sanyu’s bottle. Sanaya goes for 9.5 mins. Randhir says I would go next. Randhir is 16 mins. Nirman says you are qualified for next task.
Next is joy. SSubri says your heart rate is already high, joy says i am okay. Nirmna says if you are uncomfortable please get down right now. Everyone is asking joy to stop, after 6 mins, he falls down. He is taken to medical room. Nirman says you are left sanyy. Sanyu drinks the electrolyte. Aryan stands in front of her and stares at randhir.

Precap-Radhir mixes in sanyu’s drink. She drinks it and starts the task. Everyone asks sanyu to calm down, she can’t run.

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