Sadda Haq 18th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Sanaya says do you need something? Sanyu says wanted to ask something. When you met randhir? I need to know for task. She says around last september. Sanyu says what was he doing before that. Since jan to sept. Sanyu says i guess you know more about his past. He doesn’t like talking about past so I never asked him. I have never even been to his place. Sanyu recalls his house.
Sanyu goes renuka’s house. Watchman asks who are you? she says is this randhir’s place? he says randhir doesn’t live here. SAnyu says is there anyone in? Watchman says no one lives here. Go from here. An old kaka comes. Sanyu says I am randhir’s college friend. His glasses break down, sanyu fixes it for him. Kaka says come in. sanyu sees his childhood toys and stuff.

Randhir is searching. He goes through college photos. He says there are no pictures of her job? Office parties anything? And its not possible that she didn’t make a single friend.
Sanyu asks kaka, there was a monkey man toy here. Rnadhir told me so I recalled. Kaka says I think you know him well. You are right. It used to be here. And there was more stuff like smiles. everything ended that day. Sanyu says what day? Kaka says when renika madam died. Sanyu is dazed. He says this house is all empty now. Sanyu says when did this happen? He says last year. Randhir says used to work in USA. When he got to know he came back running. He locked himself in room for two days. Since then he never came back. He just sends me my pay in bank. I don’t know how will he handle himself. You know what I got after he left. Let me show you. He comes with a box. It has all his toys. Kaka says this all stuff was in his room when he left. Sanyu says in heart randhir didn’t want to tell anyone so I had to respect it. I don’t have any right to interfere in his personal life.

Aryan says what is sanaya’s relation with such tacky place. International company was sent illegal botany products. Who is he doing this for?
Sanaya checks aryan’s records. She says his life biggest secret must be his laptop’s password. I can’t find anything. I need to ask people who know him personally.

Sumit calls someone and says I wanted to meet you. He says meet me day after tomorrow. Joy says since he joined school his graduation should have been completeed in time. there was a year difference in 10th grade. How can he get a drop.
Arjun says lets asks some hot classmate of yours. He find a girl and adds her on facebook.
Randhir says finally I know where were you working. He sees sanyu on his laptop screen. He turns back sanyu is not there. He says what was she doing here? He stops her outside, its some other girl. He says I am sorry. Randhir says why am I seeing sanyu evreywhere. He turns back, sanyu is there. He walks past her.

Aryan comes to a place. A little boy opens. Aryan says can I talk to someone. He says me. Aryan says some elder. He says I am an elder. A woman comes and says sir come in. She says we were taking kids on picnic. How can I help you? Aryan says this girl.. She says this is sanaya. She is so rare. I know her so well. Because of her donation we are running this orphanage. Are you here to donate?
Sanyu comes in her room. Sanyu recalls everything kaka told her. Sanyu says I know how it feels to lose mom. I didn’t know you bore so much after college.

He recalls when Randhir came and said no one can comfort me like you do. He recalls when randhir hugged her that no one is for you. Everyone left me since childhood.
Sanyu recalls when he cried with his toys.

Precap-Sanyu comes to randhir. She recalls what kaka said. Sanyu says randhir.. He says I don’t need sympathy. She says I am not giving sympathy. He says then what are you trying? Sanyu hugs him. He hugs her back and starts crying.

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