Sadda Haq 17th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Nirman says if you fail to shock your partner you lose it and I dont like losers. sanyu says in heart why randhir. Randhir crumples her picture. sanyu stops aryan. She says I am sorry. I know you are upset. He says enough and leaves. Aryan leaves.
Randhir says to Nirman i know about sanyu already. Give me someone I dont know. Nirman says how much do you know her? You know me? He says yes. Nirman says why am I doing this mission? Randhir says because you are passionate about this. Nirman says are you sure? Randhir says no. Nirman says you either trust people easily or you are scared of being exposed. Randhir says no its not like that. nirman says you may leave. Randhir leaves.

Sanyu comes to her room. She throws away the file. Randhir says I am not interesed in your life sanyu but I will find out your history to win the tasks. This file is full of lies. I know where to find it. Aryan says I would take me 5 minutes to know sanaya’s life.
Kritika says to sumit you were once admitted because you were bitten by a horse. She laughs. Sumit says it was not fun. My bum was swell for days.
Joy says what is this file. Why should I care about Arjun? status never married? should I get him married?

Randhir pulls sanyu in elevator. She says whats wrong with you. He stops the lift. Randhir says I dont want you to announce biggest mistake of my life to win this task. Anyone in my life shouldn’t get hurt because of you. Or you will get hurt in return. Sanyu says I was going to becky to ask if I can change my partner but now I wont. And the biggest mistake of your life was my biggest mistake as well. I don’t wanna hurt anyone. She comes out of elevator, aryan is there. sanyu says you wanted to say something? He says but you look busy. Sanyu says why are you so cold. He leaves.
sanaya is reading file. Randhir takes the file and says don’t be so restless. She says what you have to do with that? How much will we act like kids? He says we? Sanaya says yes you are more immature. Let me read this. Aryan has no clue. randhir says you are trying too hard. You are desperate. Randhir says you need to go through it properly. sanaya says you are not worried because your partner is sanyu and you know everything about her. She stop. she says I didn’t mean that. You know her already. He says I don’t. Randhir recalls everything. Randhir recalls sanyu saying her papa helped her in job. randhir says she quit engineering but how would I know? I have to find this secret. Sanaya says sheikho stop but he goes out.

Sanyu recalls what randhir said. She says now I will find out what you did after FITE. She reads that he did job in US for a year and then left the job and landed in ISRC. Then where was he for the other one year?
Sanyu comes to a room to find documents. randhir comes there and says should I help as well? sanyu says no I came here because I knew you would come. He says you seem to know me well. sanyu says something do not needed to be researched. they hear someone coming. the both hide under a table. Watch man comes in.
They come out when he leaves. Sanyu leaves. Randhir finds her file.

Aryan says she must have been selling her products. Why aren’t her product money mentioned anywhere in any bank? He sees sanyu is going in her room. he says whatever she is doing, its for the task.
Sanyu opens the file, it has written you think you are so smart? sanyu says shit. Nirman wrote that. What will I do now? There must be another way. Sanyu writes something on board. Sanaya recalls telling when she met randhir in and orphanage.

Precap-Sanyu asks sanaya when you met randhir? Sanaya says he doesn’t like talking about past. In fact I have never even been to his house.

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