Sadda Haq 17th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Kritika says so easy for guys to get ready for the party. Sanyu says they don’t have to do anything. Kritika says sanyu whenever I saw Arayn I always felt he is so hot. His brows are perfectly shaped. Sanyu says if he is not here doens’t mean you can make fun of him. Kritika says what will you wear sanaya? Sanaya shows her dress. Sanyu says very pretty. Sanaya shows them the drink. Sanyu says thank God. Since randhir has been trying to be a good boy.. I can’t digest it. Sanaya says randhir will propose you. Sanyu says I won’t answer him easily. It has be a chill night tonight.

Joy is drunk he says on call, hello Kriitka.
Sanyu says where is Kritika? Kritka comes out of washroom and says what does joy think of himself? Randhir asked him to be a bad boy.Randhir says he can’t handle his own gf and giving lectures to others. Sumit says I look so good I hope your gfs don’t fall on me. Lets take a selfie. Randhir says I amnot a girl.
Arjun is sitting there in corner. Randhir says lets go now. Sumit says arjun you will stay here? He says next phase in banglore. Joy says we understand your situation but please change. Arjun says okay.

Randhir says he has made Joy a bad boy. Sanaya says I have an idea. Lets not go for the party. Sanyu says but we got dressed. SAnaya says we are three hot girls, we have wine. We can enjoy.

Precap-The boys look at girls. Randhir says they want us to make the first move. Kritika says Sanyu you can make the first move. sanyu and Randhir come in front of each other. Randhir says lets go a drinking competition. Whoever wins can give the opponent any punishment.

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