Sadda Haq 16th November 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
The party is going on. Yoyo flirts with girls. Tania says lets play truth and dare. Sanyu says only dare we all know all the truths. Parth says all right. First is Parth.
Tania sees a guy out. She says go and tease that guy. Parth says what? Tania says go become a hero. They all go out. Parth goes the guy my friends are mad. We were playing truth and dare. They gave me the dare to.. just pretend. the guy comes close and says why pretend? I wont mind. Parth says leave me its not like that. They all laugh and go to their rooms.
Randhir says to sanyu, you can’t go. I haven’t given you dare. She says what dare? He says full night under the moonlight. he comes close to her. They dance together.

next morning sanyu wakes up in Randhir’s bed. He says where are you going? sanyu says in lab for fuel testing. He says I will come with you.Randhir falls asleep. Parth says please bring me lemon soda sanyu. Sanyu says sure. Sanyu brings him.
Sanyu does the fuel tetsing in the lab, Randhir comes and holds her hand. Sanyu says there is no one here to be possessive of. Randhir says you should be only caring for me. sanyu says parth is my friend as well. He says I am your friend, boyfriend and fiance. SAnyu says wow i should reconsider it. He holds her hand and says what did you say. He sees her hand a bit burnt. Randhir says what is this? Randhir brings first aid. He says you are so mad. Let me bring you something to eat. Randhir brings her food. They start fuel testing.
The fuel starts blasting. Randhir says don’t worry we still have while night.
Randhir brings her coffee. The fuel blasts. randhir says you must be tired. Let me try. sanyu says no you go to room and rest. He says so you can burn your other hand as well? Sanyu says its not working.
Randhir says its too risky. Sanyu says they will reject me. Randhir says it creates on problem or other. Sanyu says if this is not working i will present it. I can’t rely on. I want to have my own identity. I don’t want to be known as just your wife. I will present it just the way it is. Randhir kisses sanyu’s forehead and says everything will be okay.

Precap-Sanyu asks randhir did they like it? I knew it. Randhir says yeah do your best. Sanyu tells them about the fuel. She shows them fuel test.

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