Sadda Haq 16th March 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Aryan hits them. Sanyu hears police siren. She says lets go or they will know your reality. They run out. Aryan sits on the bike. His mouth is bleeding. sanyu asks you okay? He starts the nike. Aryan stops at a nursing school. Sanyu says i am fine. I will get it dressed from ISRC medical room. Aryan goes in and washes his face in anger. He writes sanyu’s name on mirror. The nurse dresses sanyu’s wound. Sanyu says where is my watch. Aryan says you are okay but I am not. I asked you not to interfere in my work. She says I tried to help you. He says what are you to help me? I was here so you get in ISRC not that you put our lives in danger. Next time don’t poke your nose. sanyu says I will. If you are in danger I will do it. You have done so much for me, you are so nice. He says you don’t know me at all. Don’t tell me who am I and what can I do. Stay out of it okay. He leaves.

Sanyu comes back to ISRC, She says is there some secret I don’t know? I know him. Where is my watch? Sanyu sees it on table. She asks sanaya who placed this watch here? She says I dont know. sanyu sees her watch and says God bless whoever placed it here.
Aryan recalls everything. He is still freaking out. He says what if this is truth. Sanyu is not safe with me. I can’t put herself in danger.

Next morning, Joy is eating. Arjun says how long will you eat? He says you never know when Nirman asks you not to eat for a week. He offers kritika, she says I am full. She says eat slowly and smiles.
Sumit asks sanyu about her watch. He says you got your watch? She says you found it? Thank you so much. He says you should thank randhir, he found it and it was not working. He repaired it. I will see you later. sanyu says I should go and thank him.
sanyu sees randhir in cafe. sanyu orders her sandwich. Randhir picks the plate before her waiter says this is randhir’s ma’am. Your will be ready in 5 minutes. randhir leaves it there. Sanyu takes it to her table. She places sandwich on randhir’s table. He says its okay you can have it. sanyu says its fine I will wait. I wanted to say something, thanks. My watch, if it was lost. This is.. He says your mom’s. try to care what you value. You don’t get back everything you lose.

All of them are in lab. Nirman throws a lab at sanyu. She picks it its randhir’s. He says thank you so assurance with your expression that this task is going in right direction. He says do you all know that you all will be dependent on each other in space. You have to trust each other. I have given you all a file of another member. You have to find their deepest toughest secret. I hope it will be fun. Randhir gets his file.
Nirman recalls becky telling him that she found out randhir and sanyu were in a relationship in college. He has given sanyu randhir. She says when sanaya got to know about randhir and sanyu, there were issues between them. Once sanaya and aryan were drinking together. They were stressed out because they both got to know about randhir and sanyu’s past.
Nirman has given aryan and sanaya to each other.
There is a love triangle. Joy likes kritika but she likes arjun. and he hates her. Nirman has given joy and arjun to each other and sumit and kritika to each other.

Precap-Randhir pulls sanyu in elevator. He says I don’t care about this task. But no one related to me should be hurt. Sanyu says I was going to ask becky if I can change my partner but now I won’t.

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